A Fresh Start Well Kind Of

August 1, 2015

First of all NO I am not deleting or abandoning this blog!! However you may have noticed I have changed the design of it. This is because for a few weeks now I’ve been lets just say less willing to blog than usual. Hence why I haven’t been posting that frequently I thought that by getting a new blog design it may encourage me to blog more. Already I can feel the excitement of blogging again as I am so in love with my new design which you can buy here.

So from now on you can definitely expect to see more blog posts from me. I have been updating my blog for ages now just little tweaks here and there and I am still continuing to do this. I am a bit of an obsessive person when it comes to my blog everything has to be perfect for me. 

I’d love to know what kind of blog posts you love most and which ones you want to see more of. Also I’d love to collab with other bloggers more on here so if you would like to collab with me then just pop me a direct message either on twitter or instagram. 

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