Review | Zoella Blissful Mistful VS Let’s Spritz

August 2, 2015

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!! In today’s blog post I thought that I would compare Zoe’s first and second body mist. I thought that this would be a good post to do as I haven’t seen a comparison between these two before. As most of you know who Zoe is I won’t go into detail I’ll just scrap the edges. Zoe is a blogger and youtuber based in Brighton, UK she mainly features beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts/videos. 

In 2014 Zoe launched her first beauty range which features products such as her fizz bar, creamy madly dreamy, soak opera, blissful mistful and her range of beauty bags. The whole range was a huge success and sold out within ours I can remember not being able to get a hold of any of the products for a good few weeks.

However in July of this year Zoe launched the second edition to her beauty collection. This collection was called Tutti Fruity which was very fitting as it was released during the Summer months. Again much like the first series this one sold out just as quickly. However I was able to get my hands on some of the products quite quickly this time as I had made it my mission to. This collection featured products such as candy cream, scrubbing me softly, kissy missy, foam sweet foam and let’s spritz as well as a fizz bar and cosmetic purse. 

Blissful Mistful £8

First of all is Blissful Mistful which is from Zoe’s first beauty range. As you can see I haven’t used this a lot because quite frankly I don’t need to. What I mean is when you use this spray you don’t need to spray loads to get the full effect which is great. I really love this spray as it’s a mist so it lasts longer well in my opinion it does. The pricing is great as it’s really affordable and great to pop in your handbag. 

The scent is quite strong so I recommend it being used in the evening rather than the day. However it can be used for either one depending on your preference. As you can see from the images above the packaging is quite simple but still capturing at the same time. The design for this one is a rose gold theme which I adore as it’s such a pretty colour. 

Lets Spritz £8

The second body mist is from Zoe’s second beauty range Tutti Fruity. This one is called Lets Spritz and I have to say the packaging is my favourite out of the two. This is because blue and purple are two of my favourite colours. I just love the way that the blue matches the purple so perfectly and of course the lace detail at the back is super pretty.

This body mist smells like Spring/Summer in a bottle that’s the only way to describe it for me. It’s such a floral, flirty and fresh scent which is perfect for a daytime date!! This particular one would suit the day better however like I said before it can also be worn during the night depending on what you like. 


– They’re both amazing quality for the price that you pay

– Blissful Mistful is best during the evening or date night

– Let’s Spritz is great during the day or day date

– Both have similar packaging although Let’s Spritz is prettier in my opinion

– I use Let’s Spritz more however I still love Blissful Mistful just as much

– I’d happily buy another body mist from Zoe if brings more out 

– They would be a great gift for someone

– They fit perfectly in most hand bags as they’re not too big or small

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