Fashion | Primark & H&M at Selfridges!!

September 7, 2015

HEY! Happy Monday all you lovely people I’m so sorry I’ve been a bit mia on my blog over this past week I’ve just had loads going on. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to film a video, edit and upload it instead of sitting down to write a blog post. However in many ways I value blog posts a lot more. 

Today’s blog post is all about Selfridges mainly the one in London which has a street fashion section that features Primark & H&M. You are probably thinking what? Well the boutiques for these shops within Selfridges only stock the top items from each clothing store. Therefore you can find the most popular and up to date items without having the hassle of the hustle and bustle of rushing around Primark or queuing up in H&M for ages. 

You may be thinking that because these clothing brands are in Selfridges they cost a bomb well I’m here to tell you NO they don’t!! They are normal shop price which is what makes it even more brilliant. I went in there today and I was surprised with the great variety and pricing of the clothing items. I really enjoyed my shopping experience there as it was less busy than the normal shops. 

There are many other stores there such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge, All Saints etc…So I’m sure you will find something you love. If you are ever in London near Oxford Street then definitely go and check it out. The check top I got was from H&M and it was £15 whereas the second top was only £10 from Primark. Of course I wanted to buy it all but I’m trying to be good with spending and I’m trying to save up instead of spend. 

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