Life Always Comes First

September 26, 2015

I guess you are probably wondering where I have been over these past few days. Well this last week has just been a bad one if I’m honest. It started off with a bad driving lesson which doesn’t sound too bad however it made me feel like every time I take 3 steps forward I then take 560 back!! It was that bad I felt like I was going to cry I don’t know if anyone else is like me but I feel so pressured sometimes when it comes to driving. 

Then something that happened at work which put me under pressure. I was also constantly battling with my anxiety this week which is the worst when everything happens at once. Therefore I put my blog/channel on the back burner because it is a hobby for me and my life always comes first. 

It’s important to take time off from blogging or making videos whether this is planned or unplanned both are fine!! I often take breaks from them both otherwise I lose inspiration or I feel like I’m forcing myself to blog or make a video. I have no problem with this as I have a mutual understanding with you guys my readers/viewers. I also try to inform you guys whenever I can’t upload or something goes wrong. I do this because I want to be an interactive blogger/youtuber who doesn’t leave you guys in the dark. 

I am getting myself back on track so that next week I can come back and upload content for you guys both on here and on my channel. When things go wrong in life you have to take a step back, breath and then deal with whatever’s happened. There’s no point in stressing out otherwise more things will go wrong (I need to tell myself this more!). 

I will definitely be uploading a blog post tomorrow however I won’t be uploading a video as my lighting was pants this week and I’d rather wait until both studio lights are working. I will hopefully be uploading a video on Tuesday & Wednesday!! 

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