Things I’m Looking Forward To This Autumn

Hey everyone I thought that I would do this blog post again as I did the same one last year which you all seemed to love. You can re-read that blog post here if you would like. If you have been reading my blog or watching my videos for a long time then you will know that Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year. I thought that I would share with you some of the things that I’m most looking forward to this year in particular. 

– Re-reading Girl Online so that I’m ready to read the second book in the series which comes out pretty soon

– Hot chocolates with marshmallows

– Sitting on the sofa with a blanket, snacks and a cup of tea ready for a movie marathon

– Buying new candles

– Wearing red lipstick

– Blankets and books

– Hot bubble baths

– Hot chai tea

– Apple or berry pie

– Walking in the rain (It clears my head)

– The refreshing breeze

– Eating a crisp red apple


– Wearing big scarfs

– Endless amounts of TEA

– The sound of leaves crunching

Of course Autumn is so much more but these are just a few things this year that I am looking forward too. I absolutely love London in Autumn but at Christmas it’s something special. 


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