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September 5, 2015

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation Beige Clair 53 £10.99

In today’s blog post I’m going to be reviewing the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation from Bourjois in the shade beige clair 53. First of all I’m going to be talking about Bourjois themselves. I own a couple of their products such as some of their blushes and this foundation. However I’d love to pick up more of their products especially some of the lip products as they look really good.

This foundation is slightly different to others as it’s more of a gel than a liquid which makes it easier to apply in my opinion. The foundation is a light coverage so it’s great for natural looks or just day to day wear. The shade itself is quite light on me as you can see from the image above however when it is blended in you can’t really tell. 

I actually love the smell of the foundation which is quite a thing way to say but it has a fruity smell which is so much nicer than the normal foundation smell. The foundation says that it does many things such as radiance-boosting & revived complexion. I do actually believe this as I can see my skin looking much healthier since I’ve been using it. 

The final photos are from my make-up tutorial which is going up tomorrow over on my channel which you can find here. I used this foundation as well as other products which gave me this final look as you can see above. I love how natural it looks but it also looks dewy and glowing which is a great look for Autumn or Winter. 

I would definitely recommend this foundation although it is quite expensive compared to some other brands it’s worth it. It’s an all round great foundation that you can use either in the day or night. It also lasts a long time so you don’t need to keep picking a new one up every week well that’s if you don’t use it loads.

Have you tried this foundation before? 

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