Asia Jade’s 2nd Birthday

October 24, 2015

How can I forget my blogs birthday I mean AHHHH that is not okay!! Weirdly I looked at the date and then I realised it was my blog’s birthday. I know in the blog post I posted earlier I said that I wouldn’t be uploading until next week. However it is my blog’s birthday so I cannot upload something now can I. I’ve achieved so many things over these past two years here are some of the things I’ve done:

– Hit over 40,000 views

– Connected with bloggers around the world

– Made life long blogging friends

– Interacted with some amazing companies which are listed here

– Written about a variety of things

– Inspired people to start their own blog 

– I’m almost at 100 followers on blogger

I cannot thank you all enough for the support and love you have given me both on my blog and channel. It’s your support which keeps me blogging and making videos for you guys. I absolutely love writing down my thoughts here on my blog which is like an online diary for me. Although sometimes it does take a lot of effort I do enjoy every minute of it and I love to look back at what I’ve written in the past. A giveaway will be following in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that!!

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