A Book Series You Definitely Need To Read

October 12, 2015

Hello everyone happy Monday I know this will be going up quite late as I’ve only just sat down to type it up and it’s already 10.20 pm oops….How are we all today has been one of those days where each hour has felt like a day. I suppose the fact that I didn’t sleep well last night didn’t help one bit. In today’s blog post I’m going to be sharing with you a book series that I have loved reading.I‘ve yet to finish the last book Isla and the happily ever after however the first two were amazing and the third is amazing so far!! 

I love to read books although I have to be in the mood to read one. I find now that I have more time on my hands I actually don’t read as much as I could. Isn’t it funny when I was studying and had lots of homework/coursework/revision to do I’d rather have read a book and now I don’t feel up to it at all. I’m going to try and summarize the books without actually giving the story line away. I thought then I’d tell you my opinion on each book seeing as this is sort of a review in a way.

Anna and the French Kiss £5.99 was £6.99

In the first book we are introduced to Anna who has been sent off to boarding school in Paris. Leaving a guy behind she really liked she finds it quiet tough being in Paris without knowing what he’s getting up to. However she soon realises what boarding in Paris really means. She discovers herself in a whole new light with the help of a few friends. In the end she meets this really lovely guy who has some problems of his own.

Overall I really liked reading this book and although it was quiet a while ago I remember reading it super fast. What I liked most about the book was the amount of detail for the story line and each character. I really felt like I was a spectator watching the story line unfold from the sidelines. If you love teen romance books then this is definitely one to read although I think it’s aimed towards older teens. 

Lola and the boy next door £5.99 was £6.99

In the second book we meet Lola who works at the movie theater that Anna works at. In a way all of the books overlap each other but they also have their own story lines. Lola is a typical teenage girl in many ways apart from having two fathers which are actually quite funny and made me laugh a few times. She’s been dating this older guy for a few months now which her fathers don’t agree of. However she’s always liked the boy next door who has recently returned. Lets just say it’s a pretty darn cute book full of romance, friendship and fun. 

Like the first book I read this one pretty quick too as once I’m in enjoying a book I can’t put it down. This one is set in San Francisco which was pretty cool to learn about as throughout the book the city is also portrayed. I’ve never been to San Fran but it sounds like my type of place!! 

Isla and the happily ever after £6.99

The last book of the series as I have previously mentioned above I have yet to finish. So far I am really enjoying it it’s based in three cities New York City, Paris and Barcelona as the main character Isla goes to the same French boarding school that Anna went to. Like the other two books this one features just as much romance which I love to read. It really portrays the ups and downs of young love which again I love to read as I haven’t really experienced that yet. 

I am looking forward to getting around and finishing the book when I feel like I’m in the mood. I have picked up the book several times to finish it off but then something else happens and I get distracted. I’m sure the book is equally as good as the others and I will be lost with what to read next as I’ve been living in a Stephanie Perkins bubble these past few months reading this series. 

Have you read any of Stephanie Perkin’s books?

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