Five Things Friday 15.10.15

October 16, 2015

So I thought that I would start this series called Five things Friday now it’s not like I just made it up myself I’ve seen many bloggers do exactly the same post but on their blog. If you haven’t already guessed what it is then I’ll let the cat out of the bag every Friday I’m going to be looking back on my week and sharing with you guys five good things that happened that week. I think that it’s such a lovely way to keep a mini record of my life as you often forget those little things that happen on a daily basis.


This week seeing as my one and only candle died out I thought I would go and pick some up from H&M homeware. I managed to pick up two candles which are currently burning at this moment in time while I write this blog post. I cannot tell you how homely my room feels right now especially as it’s quite chilly outside. Candles just make everything more cosy in my opinion especially during these cold months. I can’t wait to start my own candle cupboard and have loads as a back up for when they all finish. 


As some of you will know I am currently taking driving lessons which may soon be over as I have booked my test although I’m keeping a tight lip on the exact date. I’ve been having good driving lessons recently which always put me in a good mood. I had an especially good driving lesson this week which was two hours long. Two hours driving can seem nothing to a lot of people but a lot to some. 

For me it’s a perfect amount although at the moment I am doing one week of a two hour lesson then the next only an hour. I am definitely looking forward to my next one as I’m now just waiting to take my test really all these lessons in the next few weeks are just practice runs for the real thing.


I did a really big clean out of my room this week and I ended up giving loads of clothes away to charity which always makes me feel good. I always feel so much more organised and clear headed once I’ve had a good clean out I like to do this at least twice a year. I always find things I haven’t found in ages as well as things which make me think why did I buy this in the first place. 

Don’t you feel much better once you’ve tied up that pile of clothes in your corner or sorted out the clutter in your bathroom? I do!! I always find it helps me to think a lot better about other things I need to do. However I have to admit I am the type to always leave picking up a pile of clothes or sorting out things to a later date.


This week I’ve really been trying to get the most out of each day. Whether it’s by ticking off things that I’ve been meaning to do for a while or by pre-writing blog posts for the week. I’m starting to realise that you can get a lot done in your day if you use it correctly. For example, by getting up earlier you can get more things done or by staying up later you can do the same. 

Now that I have more time on my hands as I don’t have homework, coursework or revision taking up my time I needed to find other ways to use up that time effectively. Yes writing a blog and running a YouTube channel does take up most of this time. However I also want to find other things to do such as photography which I love. Maybe I could even learn to cook some new dishes which I also love cooking is one of my all time favourite pass times.


The last thing this week would have to be music I know this plays a massive part in everyone’s life. But it’s played a big part in mine this week I have just loved listening to all types of different songs this week with the help of Spotify. I have discovered so many new songs that I am in love with one being Human by Christina Perri it’s such an amazing song. I find it so relaxing finding a great playlist to put on whilst I’m editing a video or writing a blog post. 

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