Things To Do In London This Autumn/Winter

November 9, 2015

Hello everyone happy Monday I’m sorry that it’s been a week or so since you have last heard from me. I’ve been super busy also not really in the blogging mood so I thought that I would leave it instead of forcing myself to write a blog post. 

In today’s blog post I thought that I would share with you some things you could do in my home city of London this Autumn/Winter. Whether you’re visiting for the holidays, coming home or just visiting for the day or weekend you may need some inspiration as what you can do. 

– Spend the morning or afternoon in Regents Park (My favourite park)

– Go to the theater 

– Discover a restaurant in the backstreets of Soho

– Go early Christmas present shopping in Westfield (Shopping on Oxford Street is too stressful for me!!)

– If you’re visiting from another country check out the local drug store

– Go on an Instagram worthy photography spree around the city

– Eat breakfast for dinner at The Breakfast Club (P.s large groups means longer waits!! So I would split your group up then you will wait less to eat)

– Explore the wonders of Winter Wonderland (Don’t forget to take loads of photos too)

– Read a book in a cute little coffee shop

– Go for a drink at the Shard or Sky Garden

– Explore London by using the tube map (Hint: Visit one borough at a time and make the most of it)

– Go to one of the local food markets and try a little of everything

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