Things I’m Thankful For This Year + Merry Christmas

December 26, 2015


If you have read my blog for the past few years or watch my videos then you will know how much I adore Christmas. So in a way I am quite sad that it is almost over however I’m going to be making the most of it. I am well aware that I will be uploading this on the 26th December in the UK however it’s still the 25th here in NYC as we are five hours behind. 

Today I went on a bus ride around downtown Manhattan we saw Times Square, 5th Avenue, Macy’s and the 911 Memorial among many other things. I also have a cold which has meant that I am in the hotel room this evening as I feel pretty rubbish to put it nicely. I have had a lovely day which consisted of a burger and chips for my Christmas dinner which is unusual I know. I’m now sitting in my hotel room with a few snacks typing this up which is pretty special if I must say.

Merry Christmas

I hope that each and everyone of you have had a lovely day whether you have been drinking cocktails on the beach or sitting by the cosy fire at home with friends and family. I’d especially like to thank all of you who have been supporting me whether it’s from day one or just right now. I appreciate each and everyone of you and it’s crazy to think that there are some people who have been with me through this journey from the start. I know that you guys will be my biggest supporters along this continuing journey whether it may take me. 

Family & Friends

This year hasn’t been  an easy one in fact it’s probably been one of the hardest. However I am so thankful for all of my family and friends who have supported me through this crazy year. Like each year it’s been full of it’s ups and downs but this year has been a lot more hectic than others. You guys are honestly the best and whether you read my blog or watch my videos I don’t quite know but if you do Hey!! Sometimes it’s a bit awkward talking about my blog and channel with family and friends I’m not quite sure why but I find it so much easier to talk to strangers about it.


I wanted to include a paragraph about me to me so that in a few years time I can look back on it and really remember what I was going through that year. So here goes you should be incredibly proud of yourself this year as it was an extremely tough year. You have overcome so many things this year despite the circumstances you have been put in. 

Thing’s like going for an interview with a very successful company, leaving sixth form, continuing with your driving lessons among many more things. You are always stronger than you think and you have a kind heart although most of the time you do wear it on your sleeve. Never regret anything you have said or done as it meant something at the time. 

I thought that I wouldn’t include any photos in this blog post as I wanted you guys to really take in the words that I have written I shall be uploading many blog posts over the next few days in relation to my holiday so keep an idea out for those. Once I have uploaded  all of them my usual schedule will resume however I may be making changes to that for 2016 but I shall keep you posted.

Asia xx

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