Christmas Holiday 2015 Part 1 (Cruise)

January 4, 2016

Hey everyone I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Today’s blog post kick starts my holiday series which I did remember to take photos and videos of unlike last year. I’m going to be splitting these blog posts up into three or four depending on how many photos I have. Obviously I won’t be posting every single photo because we would be here for years. So I have picked five or six single photos to go along side each blog post.  

The Lobby

In today’s blog post I’m going to be sharing days 1-2 with you which were on board the Queen Mary 2. This was the second cruise that I have been on in my life the first was in 2012 on the Norwegian Spirit. That was a pretty amazing holiday too I made many friends of whom I still talk to. I’d say that cruise ship was more family orientated full of fun and partying. Whereas the Queen Mary 2 was a more formal ship where the average age was around 50 (No joke!).

Before I had even step foot on the ship I was told by my Mum & Nan that it would be very posh and up market. They were not wrong the whole atmosphere was something I had never experienced before. The ship itself was massive although I didn’t take a picture myself it could hold over 2,500 passengers which is a lot so you can imagine the size of the ship. Although when we were on it the ship wasn’t at it’s full capacity which is unusual I was told. 

Complementary champagne

We embarked on our journey from Southampton which is in the South of England. I think we arrived at the cruise terminal at around 12pm which is quite early as we didn’t set sail until around 7pm. Once we had checked in we went through security and we headed towards the ship where we could explore and be let into our rooms. I thought this was very good as most of the time you can’t access your room until a certain time. Our state room which was on floor four was a really lovely room it was a bit squished at times as there was three of us staying in it. 

In addition to this when we got to the room we were given some free champagne (pictured above) which we all had a glass of. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of it because I forgot (bad blogger I know) however it did have a shower, two single beds, a sofa bed, balcony, tv, desk and a wardrobe. So as you can imagine it was quite a lovely room each day and nigh it was turned over (Cleaned) by our maid who worked so hard because there was 3x the mess!! 

The Britannia (One of the main restaurants)
The Britannia Restaurant 

Once we had had short rest in the room we proceeded to go and explore the ship but first we went in search of food. We headed on up to Kings Court which was on the 7th floor where they had a buffer sort of restaurant. This was a bit of a life saver as by that point we were all pretty hungry. After we had eaten we started to explore the ship which had a spa, gym, swimming pool, theater, cinema, several restaurants and bars, shops, night club and casino to name a few. 

I have to admit it took a while to explore as my Nan isn’t the fastest walker anymore and the ship is pretty long width wise. I’m actually very proud of her because she managed to walk around the ship without getting too tired. As well as this there were many places to sit around the ship which was helpful if my Nan ever got tired.

The pool in the Spa

After we had looked around the ship we went back to the room to unpack and relax. At around 4pm I started to get ready for dinner because I needed to shower, put make up on and choose what to wear.

Every evening we would eat dinner in the main restaurant “The Britannia” which was on the same floor as the lobby. We would have a set time to eat which would be 6pm of course there were many other restaurants that we could eat at also. Every time we ate there we would have the same waiters who were excellent their attention to detail was amazing. They made me feel welcome and I didn’t have any panic attacks at dinner which I sometimes have.

The restaurant itself was magnificiant it felt so posh yet welcoming and friendly. The quality of the food was excellent it was a set meal type of restaurant. So for example, there were several different options for the starter, main and dessert. 

The gingerbread creation in the lobby

At dinner we were at a table of six and because there was only three of us so we sat next to another family. They were lovely and a learnt a lot about them. They were from America and we discussed many things they even brought their two dogs on board!

After dinner Mum, Nan & I decided to go and watch the show that was being put on in the main theatre. The first night wasn’t as we had expected but we did stay until the end. Once it had finished we went back to our cabin as we were all really tired. We then got ready for bed put a film on and then fell straight to sleep.

The second day which was a Wednesday I can completely write off as I was super sea sick and I stayed in bed all day. The difference between this ocean liner and the other cruises that I have been on is that this one was all at Sea! Yes seven days straight at sea with no land in sight. 

The last cruise that I went on I was perfectly fine however I think this was because it was around the Mediterranean whereas this was across the water from Southampton, UK to New York City. My sea sickness was so bad I even ended up ordering room service instead of going to dinner which was free by the way!! (I know how cool right) 

Luckily my mum bought me some super strong sea sickness tablets which I used for the rest of the trip. More about that in Wednesday’s blog post I hope you enjoyed today’s one I can’t wait to tell you more about my holiday.

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