Christmas Holiday 2015 Part 3 (Cruise)

January 8, 2016

Hey today is Friday which mean it is the start of the weekend. This weekend I’m going to see family which will be nice as I haven’t seen them since before Christmas. In today’s blog post I am going to be sharing with you days 5-6 on the cruise and then Sunday’s blog post will be the last day.

The swimming pool area

Much like any other day the fifth day began with me having breakfast with my Nan which was lovely as always. I then went back to the cabin to pick some things up such as my phone, headphones and book. I decided to head on up to the pool and read my book whilst listening to some music. This is when I made some new friends like I said before I have no problem with going up to someone I have never spoken to before and speaking to them. 

Then as if by chance a girl around my age and her brother (I presumed so) went and sat down a few rows in front of me. So what did I do well of course I went up and said Hi. I knew even before I had spoken that they would be very welcoming as you could just tell. Natasha was the same age as me which was really nice as I had finally found a girl around my age. Don’t get me wrong I was fine hanging out with the boys but having a girl around is good when you want to talk about girly things. 

We spoke about the usual things such as where are you from etc…And then Natasha started to tell me about her family of whom there were a lot of. I found out that two of her cousins who were on holiday with her were around the same age too. I hung around with them for a bit while they went into the hot tub I left any sort of swimwear at home because I never thought of bringing one. I spoke to other members of her family who are all really lovely. 

Left-Right Natasha, Me, Luke, Emily, Jack, Jim, Jack

Natasha’s brother is called Luke and although he was the youngest in our group he always made us laugh and acted older than his actual age. Her two cousins who are also brother and sister are 16 and 19 the sixteen year old is called Emily and the nineteen year old is called Jack (Yes another Jack!). It’s only fair that I introduce each of them to you as I did the same with the boys. 

Natasha as I said is my age she is such a fun loving girl who loves to sing Christmas songs. If a Christmas song came on or she had one in her head she would sing it for all to hear which we all loved. Luke much like his sister is a lot of fun he has a way of being funny without even trying to. 

Emily although she is younger acted as if she was around 19 or so I knew straight away we would get on well as I’m often told I’m mature for my age. Emily’s brother Jack is an animation student at university which I found interesting. I was told by him that his dream job would be to work for someone like Pixar! 

The Queens room

After having spent a while with Natasha and co I decided to leave them and go and find the boys who I hadn’t seen since the night before. I went to knock on their door and to my surprise they were dressed and were just about to leave. I remember saying as soon as I walked in “I’ve made new friends” which pleased them both as we had all come up with a strategic plan. They would be the ones to point out potential friends and I would be the ones to go up and say hi because I was more confident in that sense. 

I then talked through how it all happened and I could see both boys were putting things together much like a puzzle. Unknown to me beforehand they had actually met with Natasha and co before now but they hadn’t actually spoken to them properly only a brief “Hi”. I had told them that we were to meet the others later on in the evening in the Winter Garden to play cards. 

For the rest of the afternoon before dinner we just played ping pong, darts, cards and we ate. Anyone would think that because I am a girl I wouldn’t eat as much however I ate a lot more than the boys I was always hungry which Jack was curious about. He would always say to me “But you only ate an hour or two ago” which would make me laugh. I don’t know why but I am generally just a big eater. 

The Britannia restaurant

Later on that evening after we had all had dinner we all played cards, laughed, got to know each other and generally had a great time. There was one game we played called “Irish Snap” I am going to try and explain this in a simple way. Everyone has a bunch of cards and we all take turns to place one down. I must mention you aren’t allowed to see your cards until you place them down. 

If two of the same cards are placed on top of each other everyone has to put their hand in the middle. The last one to place their hand in the pile gets the bunch of cards. It was a very tense game at times but a lot of fun it could also do a lot of damage if people were wearing rings or watches. Luckily we all decided not to wear ours so it wasn’t so bad. 

The sixth day was scheduled around a football match that was going on in the afternoon that both boys wanted to watch. We headed on up to the pool where we were planning on playing more ping pong of course. I must mention all this talk of ping pong is 100% you can ask any of them the boys love for ping pong was just crazy. 

Winter Garden bar

We then bumped into Natasha and co around the pool which is when I re-introduced the boys to Natasha and co. They all decided to go in the Jacuzzi later on which I couldn’t do of course but I sat and chatted with them. After that they headed on into the pool whilst I chatted to other members of Natasha’s family which was lovely as they are all so kind. 

Once they had all gotten out of the pool I joined Natasha’s family for afternoon tea in the Queens room. This particular afternoon tea was very formal much like you would have in England. The boys had decided to leave us beforehand to go and watch the football match which I had opted out of this time. We all caught up again after dinner because some of the group wanted to go and see the performance that was being put on. 

Unfortunately the weather was bad which meant that the performance was cancelled and pushed back until the last night (Day 7). So instead we decided to go and watch the movie that was being screened I think we got through a quarter of the movie before we all decided to leave. We then decided to go and play some board games as we thought it would be a nice change from cards. 

Jack one of the boys wasn’t feeling so well so he went back to his cabin while the others played board games. I decided to go and keep him company as it’s not nice feeling unwell when you’re alone especially if your parents aren’t there either. I also had spare seasickness tablets which I gave to him in the hope that it would help. We just watched a movie and then I headed off to bed because I was sleepy from the day and needed a good nights sleep. 

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