Christmas Holiday 2015 Part 4 (Cruise)

January 10, 2016

Hey guys for today’s blog post I am going to be sharing with you days 7-8 which are the last days on the cruise. I’m sad to have finished this part as it was fun to write about. However I can’t wait for you guys to see all of my New York City blog posts. I’m also glad that I could look back on this in a few years time and really remember how it went. 

The bell on the QM2

The next day was very similar however I had made a decision to wake the boys up at a reasonable time as it was our last full day on the cruise!! I had been to their room a few times before this and I bumped into their made once or twice we both said our Hi’s and carried on with our day. However today when I approached their door I asked her if they were awake as she would know of course and she said “No their not but wake them up get them out of bed!”.

Which I did of course I think she liked me for many reasons one being that I got them out of bed because otherwise they would have slept all day (No joke). Once they were fully awake we all headed up to grab some food which would be their first meal of the day and my second meal of the day (I told you I eat a lot). 

One of the food displays in the buffet restaurant

For the rest of the day we just spent time doing what we usually did before we decided to go and get ready for the evening. That evening Natasha and co all went to see the performance as it was going ahead that night. Jim went to see some of his friends whilst Jack and I decided to go and watch a film. We had decided to all meet up again after the performance as Jack, Natasha, the other Jack and I went to the casino whilst the others went to play board games. 

We had all decided to meet up again in New York City on Christmas Eve. As we wouldn’t get a proper chance to say bye the next day which was the day everyone left the ship. For the rest of the evening I went back to the cabin and made sure that I had packed everything as your suitcases had to be outside of your room before midnight. 

The main theatre

I didn’t sleep very well the last night because I was too excited to reach New York. I think I woke up at 5am and took a look outside our balcony which looked out onto the port. We got up around 7am and got ready to have breakfast and then leave the ship. We decided to have breakfast in the Britannia for one last time. I went for a bowl of fruit and a nice cup of tea which is one of my favourite things to drink.

After this we had to go and wait in a certain place before we could leave the ship. Our location was in the Queens room where we waited for ages until we were allowed to go through customs and into NYC. Before we left luckily the boys were in the same room as us so I joined them whilst they played a few games of ping pong one more time. At around 11.30am we were told we could leave the ship and then the second part of our adventure began.

The view of NYC from our balcony

Overall I really enjoyed the cruise it was definitely different from the last one I went on. I loved making new friends whom I know I will keep in touch with for a long time. It was very formal at times but all of the staff were incredibly attentive, kind and welcoming. I would happily go on a cruise again as I really enjoy them however I think that I would pick another cruise line. 

If you loved the cruise part of my holiday series you will really love the New York City part because I have so much to tell you all. The NYC blog posts will be going up over the next week I’m unsure about how many will be going up but I will be splitting them into days much like I did for this part of the holiday. 

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