Christmas Holiday Part 7 (New York City)

January 16, 2016
The Rockefeller Center

Hey guys I’m sorry that this blog post is going up on Saturday instead of Friday. I was rather busy yesterday and pretty tired so I skipped blogging for the day as I just wanted to rest really. In today’s blog post I’m going to be sharing with you my second full day in the big apple. 

This day is was actually Christmas Eve which I had already planned to do things with the group of friends that I had made on the cruise. Before I met up with them I had breakfast with my Nan and Mum then I helped my mum with booking our seats on our flight home which turned out to be a long process. 

The boys then met Natasha and co (Including me) at our hotel as they were staying just around the corner in a different hotel. We had decided through a group chat that we were going to go ice skating at The Rockefeller Center which was literally a five minute walk from our hotel. However when we got there it was like $42 to ice skate and the rink was quite small so we then decided to head on over to Central Park which again wasn’t that far away.

Ice Skating in Central Park

Luckily the ice skating at Central Park wasn’t that expensive and it had no time limit on it which was pretty cool. Unfortunately Natasha and co had to go and see The Lion King in the afternoon which is exciting obviously but it meant that we could only skate for a little while. 

I can’t quite remember the last time I skated but I wasn’t as bad as I thought that I would be. I had a really great time and I’d love to go again with my friends here in London as there are quite a few ice rinks around. I have to admit when I see people fall right in front of me it really puts me off but luckily I didn’t fall once which I was pretty impressed with. 

Group photo on the hotel terrace

I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas Eve and that was just the beginning. After an hour or so on the ice we headed back to the hotel as the others needed to go to their show. On the way back we made a pit stop at Subway which I have to admit isn’t my thing but everyone else loved it. I had decided to hang out with the boys for the day as my Mum and Nan had gone to do something else in the city. 

We had decided to hit the shops as I still needed to pick up something for my Mum and Nan to open on Christmas day and they needed to pick up some presents as well. Fifth Avenue was our chosen destination as the boys both wanted to pop into Hollister as well. I managed to pick up my mum a five year diary which was pretty cool as well as a face mask for her and my Nan. We also managed to look in some of the more luxurious shops such as Armarni, Tiffany’s and Valentino. 

After that we walked on over to Central Park again and had a little rest as we had been walking for a long time. We then headed back to the hotel where we bumped into the others again. The hotel Natasha, Jack, Luke, Emily and I were staying in had this amazing terrace which gave you an amazing view of Times Square. 

Pizza Pizza!

We had planned to play one last game of Irish Snap accompanied by some pizza which was bought for us by one of the parents I thought that was such a lovely gesture as we as a group got on so well. As the boy’s flight wasn’t until later on in the evening we had a couple of hours to just hang out like we would on the cruise before we all went our separate ways. 

The boy’s kept calculating how long they had left before they needed to take  a taxi to the airport which all made us laugh. In the end they left around 7ish as their flight was at around 10pm. We were all a bit deflated once they had left as we didn’t know when we would all be together again. After that we headed on up to one of the other’s hotel rooms where we sat and watched Elf a classic Christmas movie.

We managed to take a lot of photos on our last night which was nice as we didn’t take any on the cruise. I honestly couldn’t have met a better bunch of people I’ve been on many holidays and met many people along the way. I have to admit I have hardly kept in contact with a lot of the people I have met on those holidays there are a few who I am very close with but others I haven’t spoken to since. 

One last game of Irish snap

Many people have told me that I am a good judge of character which is a good trait to have. So as soon as I got to know each and every one of them I knew that I would be keeping in contact with them for a long time. All of us were on the same level no one was trying to be the leader of the group which was really nice for a change. They are some of the most down to earth people I ever met they just want to have a laugh, make good memories and be successful in life. 

Each and every one of them works so hard at school, sixth form and university. I honestly wish them all the best in life because they are really good people and deserve good things to happen to them. I know that they will be reading this so here’s something you guys should know you all have amazing traits that have already defined you as an individual. 

I know you will all be successful in life as you each have that drive to do what you need to do to get to where you want to be. I am so thankful to have met you as I had such a wonderful time and I know in years to come I can come back and re-read these blog posts and remember all the fun we had. 

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