Christmas Holiday Part 8 (New York City)

January 17, 2016
Me on Christmas Day 2015
911 Memorial

Hey guys happy Sunday today is the last blog post in my holiday series which is a bittersweet thing. I say bitter because obviously it means the end of these blog posts however it’s a sweet thing because it means I can blog about other things for you guys. Today’s blog post is going to be my last two days in New York which consist of Christmas day and then Boxing day which is the day I flew home.

So Christmas day itself wasn’t very eventful as I wasn’t feeling well all day I had a really bad cold and I found it really hard to breath. Mum, Nan and I went on a bus tour around the city we saw many places. We got off at the 911 memorial where we spent a bit of time reflecting on what had happened. It was something I have never experienced before as it was both beautiful and sad. I say beautiful because the design of the whole thing is breathtaking and sad because of what had happened in the first place. 

7th Avenue
Central Park/W59 Street near The Plaza Hotel

After the bus tour ride we went to a restaurant to have a meal together as a family we all had different things. I had a burger which isn’t your typical Christmas day dinner but it was still yummy at the same time. It’s not the first Christmas day I haven’t had a traditional roast dinner so I was quite happy with my meal. We then went back to the hotel my Mum and Nan had a rest before they went to go and see Lord Of The Dance on Broadway. 

It was definitely not my thing so I was quite happy to stay in the hotel room as I was feeling rotten anyways. I sat and watched lots of films and rested a lot as I hadn’t been sleeping much since we got to New York. My Mum and Nan brought me back some ice cream which was delicious and something I needed at the point. 

View of Times Square from our hotel terrace
View of NYC on the flight back home

The next day was Boxing day which was our final day in New York City our flight was around 6pm so we didn’t actually leave the city until around 4pm. We spent a lot of the day hanging around in the hotel lobby just relaxing really and having a good old chat. I said good bye to Natasha and co which was quite sad as I had really bonded with them and their families who are all lovely as well. 

We landed back in London at around 6am and the next few days I got really bad jet lag which lasted for well over a week!! Eventually I was back to my old routine but I had big holiday blues and looking back on the holiday now I had an amazing time. So that’s it that is my holiday it was a pretty darn good one if I must say. I’m going to share a few tips I picked up on this trip as it might help you out.


– Pack sea sickness tablets even if you are a good traveler the sea can be rough at times!

– Structure your day otherwise you can spend it doing nothing

– Bring things to do i.e books, ipad, music etc…

– Balance out your eating because otherwise you’ll eat every single minute of the day

– If you want to make friends then do there is no harm in going up to someone and saying “Hi” everyone is thinking the same thing.

New York City:

– Be prepared to pay lots of tips when you are at restaurants

– The price that is on the label isn’t the final price as tax is always added on

– Take lots of cash as you will be charged to use your card in another country 

– They do a lot of things differently to us like the way you pay with your card which confused me at first

Those are just a few things I picked up over the 10 days I was away I am so thankful to have gone on this trip as I know it was quite an expensive one to go on. I shall always remember the things that happened because there was a lot of fun and laughter involved in it. 

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