Review | I Heart Lip Lava Forgiven & Firestorm + SWATCHES

Hello all you lovely people I’m actually feeling rather sick today and I even left work early because I couldn’t stand up for long without feeling incredibly sick. In today’s blog post I’m going to be reviewing two of the I Heart Lip Lava’s which I picked up recently. 

These are the first ever products that I have picked up from the I Heart collection I love the packaging across the beauty range I think it’s so pretty and Instagram worthy. As you guys will know recently I have really been in to Instagram so these fit perfectly in to a flatlay!! The I Heart collection is part of the Make Up Revolution brand however they have their own make up products within the brand itself. 

There are five different colours for the lip lava’s however I decided to only pick up these two as the other colours were purple, coral and a bright pink. They are all £2.99 each which is a reasonable price in my opinion I was happy paying that price as I loved the packaging as well. They are similar to the Too Faced Melts in the sense that they have a similar applicator. 

These are so easy to apply with as they have a brush end this means you can apply it as if you were applying a lipstick. The shape of the brush makes it less likely that you will smudge it or get it wrong. They last a fairly good amount of time and you can easily put two in your bag to wear one in the day and on in the evening. The only downside I would say is that because they are quite pigmented they would take a wet wipe to take it off and not just a tissue. 


The first one that I picked up is Firestorm which is a bright red colour. I have to admit this is my favourite out of the two and it definitely lives up to it’s name. It’s a perfect red if you don’t feel like wearing a lipstick as it’s super glossy and bold. I always love how red lipsticks make your teeth seem so white!


As you can see from the images above this colour doesn’t suit me at all I did try it on the back of my hand before I bought it and I did actually think it would suit me. However it obviously doesn’t but I still like it so I will make it work somehow by blending it with another nude lip product that I have. 

Overall I’m glad that I added these two lip products to my collection as they are staple products in a sense. I am not disappointed about Forgiven not suiting me as I can easily make it work with another shade. Also as they are so reasonable in price I didn’t waste a lot of money on purchasing it so I haven’t lost a lot either. I definitely want to purchase more products from the I Heart Range as some of their face products look amazing!

Have you tried any of the I Heart Make-Up products?


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