Tips For Creating The Perfect Flatlay

February 25, 2016

Hey everyone happy Thursday sorry I haven’t posted all week I’ve been pretty lazy this week I have to admit! In today’s blog post I’m going to be sharing with you my tips for taking a good flatlay. If you follow me on Instagram @asiajade04 then you will know I decided to start a new theme recently. I wanted to put more effort into my account by really focusing on the content, filter and who I followed so I did a revamp to it. 

I am loving it recently and lots of my friends have complimented me on it too. Flatlays are something which has recently become a thing in my opinion I just love creating them. Although they can take a lot of patience to get the perfect picture the outcome is very rewarding. I love a good flatlay and I’m currently obsessed with taking them so I try to take them as much as I can.

Natural Lighting

The best way to get a good photo in any case is by using natural lighting so I recommend setting your flatlay up close to a big window. If you have bad lighting in your house and you own studio lights these are just as good as I have used these solely many times. The top photo is an example of one that has been taken using natural lighting whereas the bottom is an example of the use of studio lights.

Clear Space

When creating a flatlay you should expect it to take up a lot of room unless you are using less than five products. However even when I am using a small amount of things I still like the area I am using to be clear. A good tip for this is just to move things out of the way while you take the photos then you can just simply move them back. 

Another tip I would suggest is flooring if you have various floors in your house such as carpet, tile or wooden then use these to your advantage. Although consistency is great sometimes by having a different background is more appealing to your followers.

Be Creative

One thing which is important is be yourself go with the flow of what you feel. I always arrange things to how I think they would look good but I always end up changing them around until I feel comfortable with he way that it looks. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body you will know when something looks good or not.

Use Props

This tip is a good one because it adds life into your flatlay now this doesn’t have to mean you spend loads of money. You can easily pick up some cute wrapping paper from Paperchase for around £2-£3 per sheet. This can be placed on the floor and then the objects on top which creates a great background depending on the theme of the flatlay. 

Some other props you can use are your ipad for example by placing a nice background on your ipad and then injecting that into your flatlay can add colour to the photo. Flowers are another thing which you can use these can be alive or fake it doesn’t really matter.

Here are a list of props that you can use:

– Flowers (Fake or alive)

– iPad, iPhone, Computer

– Notebooks

– Jewellery

– Trays

– Candles

Stock up

I always like taking more than one flatlay at a time if I can then I have a few lined up on my phone in case I become super busy over the next few days and cannot take any photos. Although flatlays can take a lot of time to put together especially if there are a lot of things within the photo once you get the hang of it doesn’t take that long.

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