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February 11, 2016

Hey there happy Thursday well Thursday evening anyways which means that tomorrow is FRIYAY!! In today’s blog post I thought that I’d share some of my favourite resources that I use when I am blogging. From books to videos to even an online blogging course you can definitely build upon your blog once you have read this blog post!!

Get Noticed Blogging Course

The first resource is a course which has been specifically designed for bloggers. It was created and put together by the lovely Dana from The Wonderforest who will be featured later on in this blog post too. I have completed around 80% of this course however I have decided to go over it again as I really want to focus on improving my blog as a whole this year and not just the content.

The course itself is around $150 which is around £104 with the current exchange rate. To some this may seem cheap and to others this may seem incredibly expensive. However I believe that it is totally worth the price as it not only teaches you so much about how to improve and maintain your blog but it also allows you to learn from the course at any time (i.e it has no expiration date!!). 

Some examples of the things you will learn on the course are building a following, RSS and Feeds, social media and SEO among many other things. Each section of the course is easy to understand and has many work sheets and diagrams to help you complete it.

Again this has been created by Dana it is a website solely created for helping other bloggers improve their blogs. Information such as how to add social media links, have a custom font, add categories or how to gain more Bloglovin followers can all be found on the blog. You could easily get lost within the website as there is so much information that you can read about then put into action on your blog!! I would suggest going onto this blog once you have gotten to grips with your own blog as running a new blog plus trying to improve it could become very overwhelming.

Searching “Blogging” on Pinterest

This is one thing I’ve only just started doing I have no idea why I have waited this long to do this but I have. When I search “Blogging” on Pinterest there are hundreds if not thousands of resources for your blog. I love to just sit down with a cup of tea and read a few of them there are so many different topics within blogging that you can find on there. I’m sure whatever you are looking for will be there somewhere as new posts are uploaded hourly.

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