Dinerama, Shoreditch London

March 4, 2016

Hey guys happy FRIYAY in today’s blog post I’m going to be talking about food which is something everyone loves. Last night I went to Dinerama in Shoreditch which is a street food festival. It runs every Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 5pm on wards however entry is free before 7pm after that it’s a £3 entry fee. 

The closest stations are Old Street (Northern Line) or Liverpool Street (Central Line) I went to Old Street and walked to the location which is only about a 10 minute walk away. Dinerama is part of the Street Food company who also have Hawker House, Dalston Yard & Model Market. These are all other locations where they host street food festivals so if Shoreditch is far away from you maybe one of the others is closer.

The top photo is Calamari which was delicious I haven’t had any in a while so it reminded me of how much I actually love the food. You will probably read a lot in this blog post about how amazing the food was and it’s not me exaggerating it’s the truth I promise!! The second photo is the pulled pork bun with coleslaw I got which was so tender. They also did another bun with brisket which was so tasty as my friend got it and luckily she let me try it.

We then got some sweet potato fries which definitely lived up to the expectation along with some bbq chicken wings. For dessert I had some mini doughnuts with honeycomb ice cream. Each food is carefully made and they all have a twist too them. I’ve always wanted too go to a food festival and this is probably my first time going to one. I enjoyed it so much as I ate and drank loads as well as spending time with my close friends who also had a great time.

The venue itself was brilliant as it’s all undercover so you won’t have any problems if it rains. The entry is free before 7pm after that you are charged a £3 entry fee which is pretty reasonable. The prices of the food aren’t bad considering the quality and popularity of the place. I was expecting them to cost quite a lot as I was comparing it to the Winter Wonderland prices. However I was quite surprised as I only spent around £20 which was a lot less than I was anticipating to spend. 

At Dinerama itself there were eleven different food stalls as well as five drinks stalls to choose from. They are all in the same space which makes it very convenient as you don’t have to walk far to get your food or drink. There is plenty of seating although these can go quite quickly so I recommend keeping a bag or coat on your chair while you go back up to get some more food. The staff are all really friendly and the place is really clean as the staff are constantly throwing away finished cups, plates etc… 

I highly recommend going as it’s a great night out and they are open until the early hours. It would be a perfect place to go after work with some work mates or a catch up with an old friend. The atmosphere is amazing as they play music in the background as well. It’s definitely something I will remember for  a long time and hopefully I can go and experience the other three street food markets.

Have you ever been to a street food festival?

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