How To Keep A Small Wardrobe Tidy

Hey guys happy Sunday sorry I haven’t been very consistent this past week on my blog. I have actually been on a course for the past week in the hops of getting an apprenticeship out of it. I am on it again next week also so I’m unsure how many blog post I will manage to get up. 

In today’s blog post I’m going to be sharing with you some of my tips and tricks for keeping a small wardrobe organised and tidy. I have a very small wardrobe for the amount of clothes that I have. I definitely need twice the amount of space I have to fit all my clothes!! 

Store clothes by season

As my wardrobe is so small I only hang up clothes that are useful for the season. All of my other clothes such as Summer ones I will keep in boxes so that they are tided away. As you can see I have many boxes which have been split up into further categories such as shorts, dresses, shoes etc…

Have a big tidy up once a week

Every week I am super busy so I usually chuck all of my clothes into my wardrobe so that the rest of room is tidy. On the weekend (Usually Sunday’s) I will take everything out and neatly place it back as well as hanging up clothes that need hanging. 

Be Smart

By this I mean make the best of what you have. If you have more hanging space and less folding space then hang more things up. For example, if I only have space for underwear, tops, pjs and jeans to fold up. Then I will hang up skirts, dresses, coats, jumpers etc…Whereas if I have more folding space and less hanging space I will fold everything except those that cannot be folded such as formal dresses. 

Hang more than one thing up

This is something I only started doing a few years ago but I usually hang more than one piece of clothing onto one hanging. For example if you have a dress and blazer then use one hanger instead of two. It makes space for more clothes and you end up using less hangers. 

Do you have a big or small wardrobe??


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