Wishlist | Mothers Day (Not On The High Street)

March 2, 2016

Hey everyone as you may have seen I haven’t posted a blog post recently mainly because I’ve been super busy but also because I lost motivation. In all honesty I didn’t quite know what too post it’s almost as if my creativity had been sucked out of me. 

Anyways I am back and in today’s blog post I’m going to be sharing with you some things you could pick up for Mothers Day which is on Sunday. These are all from a website called “Not On The High Street” I have purchased many things from here and I always find unique things that I would never find in my local shops (Hence the name).

Personalised Flat Bangle £39

Cream Tea And Scones Gift Box £39.99

‘A Letter To Mum’ Poem Print £14

Personalised ‘Mum’ Bottle Bud Vases £24

Personalised Bar Necklace £29

Personalised Peas In A Pod Necklace £30

Personalised Cake Tin £39.75

Personalised Reasons Why You’re Wonderful £19.95

Mum Notebook £8.50

Personalised Faded Bird Print Scarf £12

Mother And Daughter/Son Message Bangle £13.95

Personalised ‘Gorgeous Mum’ Make Up Pouch £14

Personalised ‘Just For You’ Plant Pot £14

Personalised ‘Book Of Mum’ £19.50

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