Hawker House, Canada Water London

April 3, 2016

Hey guys I don’t know if you remember but a few weeks ago I uploaded a similar blog post. However this one was about Dinerama in Shoreditch both of these food festivals are with the same company Street Feast London. If you want to see the blog post about Dinerama I will link it here I didn’t expect it to be such a popular blog post which has now over 100 views. 

In today’s blog post I am going to be talking about Hawker House which is also a street food festival. It runs every Friday & Saturday from 5pm on wards however entry is free before 7pm after that it’s a £3 entry fee. This one is based in Canada Water in the business park which is very easy to find as there are people guiding you from the station.

As you can probably see the place was at least twice the size of Dinerama I only remembered to take a photo of one side of the venue there was also another side and an upstairs. The first food that I had of the night were these pork ribs. They were again amazing like the food was at Dinerama. The price of them was £8 which is good for the size, quality and taste of them. 

The drink was an apple grass cocktail which was horrible because it had a ton of ginger in it which I am not a fan of. However I later on had a glass of prosecco which didn’t go down well I guess alcohol just does not agree with me. Let there be a lesson learnt to you who read my blog you don’t need alcohol to have fun. I hardly ever drink alcohol and I still manage to have a great time. Don’t ever feel pressured to drink because your friends are all of my friends understand why I don’t drink.

The next thing that I ate were some nachos which were amazing the portion sizes are just perfect for sharing as a friend and I shared these and we didn’t even finish it!! These were £6 which again is a great price they were regular nachos with salsa, guacamole and cheese but we also chose ours with chicken strips. 

It was a pretty popular food stand as we had to wait a little bit for ours but we didn’t mind one bit as we could actually watch the preparation process. There was fourteen different food stalls at Hawker House and nine different drinks stalls. This was a few more than Dinerama and the theme was an airport which was pretty cool. The menu for the main bar was similar to that of an airport departures board. 

The last place I went to was Chin Chin which is a dessert based food stall. I got the sticky toffee warm sundae which was DELICIOUS and I am not exaggerating one bit. They make their ice cream in a special way by using liquid nitrogen. This was £6.50 and I didn’t even finish it all because I was full up so quickly. I was going to get another one because I wanted to try their brownie and ice cream sandwich but I couldn’t eat anymore.

Apart from not feeling well towards the end of the night I again highly recommend going as it is always a great night out. Invite all of your friends because I mean who does not like food???! This one got quite busy as a lot more people could fit in the venue so here are a few of my tips:

– Get there early (Before 7pm)

– Make a base by using coats and bags and then you always have a seat

– Bring CASH as I’m not 100% sure if they accept card

– Don’t eat loads at once pace yourself

Have you ever been to a Street Feast London festival?

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