My New Job: Things I Have Learnt So Far

April 15, 2016

Hey everyone so I have been at my new job for two weeks now and I thought it was time to document a few things. I just love the beauty of being able to sit down and write down my thoughts for me to look back on in a few years but also for you all to read.

Although I have only been at this job for a small amount of time I have learnt many things which I want to share with you of course. In case you don’t know what I do I am a digital marketing apprentice which means I run a businesses social media accounts, manage campaigns and prepare materials. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time now and my journey of being a blogger/youtuber actually help me find my passion in this sort of industry. 

Originally I wanted to go down the business route I thought of being a business manager or head of a team. However over time I realised that this wasn’t for me and that I could still do that with this job but also do something I loved at the same time. This is my first real job within an office based company whereas my old job was in a cafe. 

Trial & error is something you get used to

As my job carries a lot of content creating whether it’s for Facebook, Twitter or the companies blog trial and error has become something I’m used to now. You will always find that not everyone will like your ideas luckily my manager is kind and I never feel offended when he doesn’t like it. You will never know if something will work if you don’t try it in the first place. My tip would be to try as many ideas as you can at work because even if one works out of ten ideas then it’s better than nothing.

Pack lunches are the way to go

When it comes to lunches usually people want to buy something new each day. This comes at a price as it can cost quite a lot to purchase food each day. I highly recommend making pack lunches because you can purchase a few things and make them go a long way. Some meals you could make are wraps, salad, pasta, pizza and stir fry for example. I usually make them the night before as I don’t have time to in the morning unless it’s a salad for instance.

Perfect your routine

This probably is the most useful one the more you perfect your routine the better you feel in yourself. If you can practice getting ready in 10 minutes you could fit in an extra 10 minutes in bed. I know that it only takes me so long to get ready so I manage my time as best as I can. I have had over a week now to perfect my routine so I know roughly what time I need to leave the house and when I will return home. This then allows me to plan things with my friends around it I never usually stay out later than 10pm because I know I need to be awake by 7.20am the next day. 

Be open to anything

Having a new job whether it’s in a new company or the same one can sometimes be daunting. As you a working in a working environment anything can happen as it’s fast pace. You will always be asked to do things you like and dislike but always be open to whatever is thrown at you. You never know it could teach you the biggest lesson you will ever learn whilst working there. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Lots of the time we as humans hate asking questions as i makes us seem weak or incompetent. Wrong. It’s okay to ask questions if you don’t understand something. You will more likely look like an idiot if you don’t ask a question and then later on don’t know what you are doing. I always say it’s better asking than not knowing because you can do so much more having the knowledge you need to know.

Listen & observe all the time 

This may seem a little strange if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to spy on people. However it could help you go a long way active listening is something I was taught on my two week boot camp which you can read all about here. Active listening is as you may have guessed you listening all the time. 

You should always observe what is going on around you because then you get a better understanding of the business. By listening and observing all the time you are picking up information that you don’t realise you are taking in. You never know you may need a piece of information you heard a week later. 

So there are a few things I have picked up in my two weeks at my job. They may seem obvious things but sometimes we often forget how valuable these can be. I definitely know I will pick up more as the weeks go by so I will probably do a few more of these to help those who are struggling at work or are just beginning their working career. 

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