It’s My 20th Birthday!!

May 28, 2016

Hey guys by the title of this post you would have probably guessed that it is my birthday. I am so excited this year like a child waking up on Christmas morning. I have already done a couple of few thing for it which you will see in my vlog that I am uploading tomorrow. 

On Thursday I went to China town in central London where we went for a lovely Chinese meal as I really fancied it. I haven’t had Chinese in a while and it was delicious as it was one of the best restaurants around. I went with my mum & a family friend which was lovely! Last night one of our other family friends came over and we just caught up and generally had a good evening. 

Today is pretty jam packed I’m going for lunch with family and family friends at around 1.30. We’re going back to Balans where I went a few weeks ago you can see the review here. Later on in the evening I’m going to an amazing restaurant in central London which I will be reviewing so keep an eye out for that. 

I’m going to be doing a second blog post on my birthday where I’ll share with you what I did today and how it all went. That will probably be up tomorrow as well as my birthday vlog. I am so excited for you to see it as it’s already a good one!!

Things I would like to achieve over the next year:

– Travel somewhere I’ve never been to before
– Explore 10 new places in London
– Add more colour to my wardrobe
– Learn how to do my eyebrows properly
– Make 4 new blogger/YouTuber friends
– Learn to finally drive
– Exercise at least twice a week
– See my Nan more
– Take more photos

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