May Day Catch Up

Hey everyone happy bank holiday this is probably my first bank holiday off work as my old job was in hospitality. Therefore bank holidays never applied to us which is why today is a first for me. One of my favourite things to do when I’m a bit stressed out is to type out a blog post. So I thought that it would be the perfect day to sit down and have a catch up with you. 

New Job

As most of you will know I started my new job around a month ago now it has gone super quick and I have learnt so much since starting it. I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about things I have picked up whilst starting this new chapter in my life which you can read here. It’s definitely the right path for me as I do it on a daily basis for my blog/channel. If you don’t already know what I do then I am a digital marketing apprentice. 

Although a new job can be pretty daunting I’m still getting used to various things whereas other aspects of my job I feel comfortable with already. Learning whilst working is something so valuable as you learn so much more rather than sitting in a classroom not really putting what you learnt into practice. 

A boyfriend?

As I’m someone who puts a lot of my life online I always get questions whether I have a boyfriend or not. The answer is no. I’ve always known if it ever did happen that would be one aspect I wouldn’t put online so openly. I’m quite private when it comes to things like that. I also respect the other person’s opinion towards what I do. 

Someone said to me the other day that I put everything online which to a person who isn’t a blogger or YouTuber may in fact seem like the case. I actually keep a lot of things private I’d say I put about 80% of my life in a video or blog post but that other 20% counts for a lot. 

Going on adventures

Recently I have loved just exploring London whether it’s by myself or with friends. The other day one of my best friends and I went to go and eat then we went on a lovely walk and just caught up which is something we don’t get to do often now I work a lot. The day after that I was waiting for her to finish so I went on a walk by myself to Carnaby street which was so peaceful as I could take my time and wonder the shops. 

I cannot wait for the Summer so that I can go and explore London with my camera whether it’s with friends or by myself I just love it. Keep an eye out for many food blog related posts on here I will be doing lots of them over the next few months as I have really loved typing them up recently. 


I love to read books I’m currently reading Destination: Thailand by Katy Colins it’s hilarious and similar to Bridget Jones. As you will know I mostly read on the tube as that’s the place where I get most anxious. However I have been reading recently before bed I really want to get into a routine of not using any electrical device before I sleep (I doubt this will last long). 

Reading is something I have always loved I love the thought of immersing yourself in a book, song, TV show or film and forgetting the outside world for a moment. I have lots of books lined up to read over the Summer so I will keep you up to date with any of the good ones!

Things I have been loving recently:

Once in a While – Time Flies

Cheap Thrills – Sia ft.Sean Paul

Hair – Little Mix ft.Sean Paul

Curling my hair

Quick Fix Facials Exfoliating Scrub Mask

H&M’s Coachella Range

Game of Thrones

First Dates

Things to look forward to:

My birthday (28th May) 

Going on more adventures

Taking more photos

Going to new restaurants

Re-decorating my filming background 

Going to the beach


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