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Hey everyone happy Sunday I have had a pretty productive day pre-filming two videos for my June series (keep an eye out for that). Anyways if you haven’t seen my recent video which is a first impressions of these then check it out here. I thought that I would sit down and type out an actual review on them seeing as there has been quite a hype about them.

I am sure by now you know who Soap and Glory are they are a British based skincare, bath & body and make up brand. Their prices are incredibly reasonable for the product that you get. I remember receiving their Christmas gift sets for multiple years before I bought anything from them myself.  

Their latest products are a new collection of lipsticks which have been split up into three categories which are satin, matte and shine. I only managed to pick up two of the matte lipsticks however I am going to be picking up some from the other categories. The first one that I picked up is from the pinks collection which is Pommie Girl. This one is between a light berry colour and a dark berry colour. 

I have absolutely been loving it and I have worn it many times since I first bought it. The second one is called Fired Up and it’s from the reds collection. This one definitely comes off as more of an orange colour rather than a red making it perfect for the Summer months. The only downside to this one is that because it’s such a strong colour it’s quite hard to apply correctly. I often have a tissue at hand to wipe around the edges.

Reds Collection Matte Fired Up £9

Pinks Collection Pommie Girl £9


So first of all the packaging of the lipsticks screams Instagramable. They are so eye capturing, bright and fun I just love them. I love how there are three different colours for the three different colour collections. They are well made lipsticks as the lids stay on which can be a problem if they come off in your handbag. 


The price of them is something that made me think about whether buying them was worth it or not. They are £9 which is quite expensive for a drugstore lipstick which is why I hesitated a bit. I’m sure there will be an offer on them in the future so I recommend picking up multiple ones when there is.


The product itself is great I haven’t really been into matte lipsticks however these feel so amazing on my lips. Although you get the look of a matte lipstick the feeling is moisturising and I only have to top it up a few times throughout the day. The pigmentation of these two colours in particular is amazing. I have seen a few videos of people trying on the other ones where they end up being quite sheer which isn’t my type of lipstick. 

Overall opinion

I really like them as I have never tried any of the Soap & Glory lipsticks before. I do own one of their Sexy Mother Pucker lip crayons which I have used to death. I would definitely pick up a few more however probably not from the nude collection as I can never really pull a nude colour off. The price of them still hurts me a bit so I will be sure to carefully pick my next colours before I get them.

Have you tried any of the Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks?


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