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Hey everyone happy Monday I’m going to be kicking off this week on my blog with a haul. Last week I was at home from about Wednesday with a viral infection. I could hardly speak or anything and I generally felt crap basically. On Saturday I decided to pop to my local shops because I felt I needed fresh air and I felt much better than I did earlier on in the week. I picked up a few things for a giveaway I’m hosting soon but also some things I liked for myself.

Destination India £7.99

The first thing I didn’t actually pick up myself but it arrived on Saturday was the second book in The Lonely Hearts Travel Club series. As you will already know if you have been reading my blog or watching my videos for the past few weeks I have already finished the first book and loved it. So I ordered the second one as soon as it was available to and I started reading it last night (update to come…).

Primark black ballet pumps £4

The next thing I picked up are these black ballet pumps from Primark they are super comfy and they will be perfect for work. I don’t feel quite comfortable wearing sandals to work but these will be equally as good. I’m getting a little bored of wearing my converse to work every day they’re comfortable but they are also quite hot when it’s hot outside. I think the detailing is super cute and I know I will wear these until they need to be chucked away.

MUA Pixel Perfect Multi Blush Peach Bloom £3

The next thing I picked up was one of make up academy’s newest blushes which come in six different shades. First of all I thought they looked super pretty and I knew I had to pick one up when I saw them on Instagram. I also picked the same one up for my giveaway as I thought it would be a lovely thing to receive also. 

Zoella Double Créme Body Lotion £5

I had to refrain myself from picking up the whole set because I really wanted to. I did manage to pick up a few more things for my giveaway but for myself I only got this to begin with. I’m trying to do this thing where I don’t spend a lot on thing I won’t use. So when I’m running low on body products then I will buy new ones. I’m so pleased with it so far the consistency is thick but not too thick and it smells amazing.

OGX Coconut Shampoo Travel Size £2.50

I actually picked up two of these for my giveaways and it was on offer 3 for 2 so the last one is for me. It’s such a handy travel size and I’m not sure if I’m going to use it up yet or save it for when I go camping in July. I will be talking more about that nearer the time by the way….

Primark candles £3 each

Candles candles candles I love them and I need them especially the ones from Primark they are just so reasonable, last a long time and make me happy so I thought I would stock up. There’s nothing better then laying in bed on a Sunday evening with a cup of tea, a book and a candle burning. They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!

Primark Bikini £2 Top £2 Bottoms

Last of all I picked up this rather bright bikini now I have to admit I didn’t actually want it at first I wanted another one which was all floral and girly but we all know Primark on a Saturday afternoon. So yeah they didn’t have my size for that one but they did for this one and it was only £4 for the whole set I mean WOAH. I tried it on as soon as I got home and I fell in love it fits me in all the right places and the colour suits my skin tone. 


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