June Catch Up

It’s the beginning of the week which is always a good time for a catch up. So I thought today I would just have a catch up with you and tell you some things that have been happening. I always like typing out posts like this because I love remembering what I was feeling a month ago, a year ago or two year ago for example.  

My health

So a few weeks ago I was off work with a viral infection which made me feel awful. I spent my days napping, watching films and generally feeling crap. I recovered from that thankfully and I was able to return to work. However recently I have been finding it really hard to breath as I’m finding myself breathless most of the time. 

I have to cough quite a lot especially when I’m in a conversation with someone as I just can’t seem to find enough air to speak with. I went to the doctors on Saturday and they reassured me that it wasn’t life threatening. They think it’s to do with my hay fever and I could be suffering from asthma linked to it. It’s a horrible feeling when you can’t breath properly especially when you also suffer with anxiety the two together are a horrible mix!


As you will know for the month of June I have been uploading a video to my channel every other day. So far it is going very well and I haven’t managed to miss any videos. I am actually quite surprised with myself as during May I felt really unmotivated towards my blog/channel. I can’t wait to see your reactions to my future videos as I have good ones lined up for the rest of the month.


My anxiety has been up and down recently especially with this muggy weather in London. I hate it so much because it makes travelling on the tube 10x worse. I find travelling on the tube difficult sometimes anyways so adding humidity and sweaty people to the mix is not a good thing for me. It’s beginning to be a lot more manageable so hopefully I’ll feel back to normal soon. 


Music is something that will always be there for everyone and recently it has helped me a lot since I’ve been sick and my anxiety levels have been quite high. I thought I would share with you some of the songs I have been loving. 

Wildfire – Seafret

If It Ain’t Love – Jason Derulo

Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes

Hair – Little Mix


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