My Travel Plans 2017

June 26, 2016

Seeing as we’re six months away from Christmas/New Year I thought it would be a good time to share with you my travelling plans for 2017. I turn 21 next year and I want that to be the start of my travelling journey. I have already been too so many places which I should really write down so I know which ones I have ticked off. 

Birthday cruise 2017

I’m already going on a cruise on my birthday with my mum and nan which I am super excited for as it’s around the Mediterranean. I have been having cruise sickness ever since my last one finished. I just really enjoy them apart from the sea sickness!!In this cruise next year I will be going to places such as:

– Barcelona 

– Naples/Pompeii (Italy)

– Civitavecchia (Rome)

– Livorno (Florence/Pisa)

– Cannes (France)

– Marseille (France)

I have been to Marseille before I believe when I was younger. I have also been to Barcelona before a few years ago before going on a cruise and I loved it. I cannot wait to vlog the whole experience as I haven’t been on this cruise ship before. We’re going with NCL again (Norwegian cruise line) who are a great cruise company I highly recommend them. Last time we went on the Norwegian Spirit but this time we’re going on the Norwegian Epic.

My own travelling

As I work full time now I only get 22 days holiday + bank holidays which equates to like 25 days total. Anyways with my remaining available holiday days I would love to join a tour group. If you don’t know what I mean by tour group it’s basically where a group of people aged between a certain age travel somewhere together with a tour guide.

I’m either thinking of going to Laos or Cambodia I haven’t decided where to go but I’ll probably book it early next year. I’m so excited to visit places I have never been before and especially without family or friends with with new people. I think it will really help me develop as a person and I know that I will face challenges but I also know I will overcome them and learn about myself so much more.

Travelling is something everyone should enjoy I’ve been lucky enough to visit such amazing places already. Places such as South Africa, Dubai, New York etc…So I can tick them off my list. I’d love to make my way around the world one year at a time ticking a few places off each year. I have to admit cruises are a great way to do this as you visit so many places on one holiday.

What are your travel plans for 2017?

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