NYX Lip Products | First Impressions

Hey guys so as it turns out blogging with a full time job is pretty tough. I’m managing to get up around 2-3 blog posts a week depending on what I’m doing on the weekend. I usually spend my weekend blogging/filming videos so if I’m particularly busy that weekend I may only manage to get one blog post & one video up. 

Today’s blog post as you may have guessed is a first impressions blog post on a few NYX lip products that I picked up. I have to admit since NYX came to the UK I didn’t jump on the bandwagon straight away I wanted to see what other people thought before I bought anything. I’m trying not to impulse buy as I used to do that a lot. I am getting there and now I only buy a few things for myself a month. 

Even when I went into Boots to have a look at the stand I made sure to swatch everything and I mean EVERYTHING. So that I was 100% sure about the colours that I picked out. Although NYX is a drugstore based make-up brand the prices of their products does make me question whether I really need that product at that moment in time.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss 01 Napoleon £3.70 was £5.50
The first lip product I picked up was one of NYX’s intense butter glosses. I think I swatched around ten different colours of this product as I just couldn’t pick one I wanted them all haha. I finally ended up with a colour I wouldn’t normally go for but I thought that I should give it a go. 

I have to admit out of all the products I picked up this is the hardest one to apply as the colours are so pigmented. I always try to apply it slowly so I don’t have loads of it around my mouth. It’s a pretty sticky lipstick so wearing it on a windy day is probably not the best idea. Don’t you hate it when your hair gets stuck on your mouth because you’re wearing lipgloss & it’s windy. It really irritates me. 

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick 4 Soft-Spoken £6.50
I have never worn a suede lip product before but they are so satisfying to apply. If you have one then you will know what I mean they feel so soft and smooth. Again this is a colour I would have never have gone for before but I thought why not. I’m still warming up to it as it is quite a dark browny nude colour. I love nude colours but I mostly go for ones with hints of pink in them. 

They’re supposed to be “waterproof” & ” long lasting” so I will see how I get on with it and report back to you on social media. My favourite part of this product is the application wand as it’s so long and flat. This makes it so easy to apply which is so satisfying in my opinion haha.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 18 Prague £5.50

This is my favourite one out of the four. I just love the consistency of the product it glides on so easily and can easily be touched up around the edges. You don’t have to worry about it staining your skin like some lipsticks which take lots of wipes to clean it off. 

Although I may have felt like I was in the Autumn/Winter months when I bought this as it’s a dark colour. I’d happily wear it during the evening if I go out as it’s such a gorgeous colour. I’m definitely going to pick more of the matte ones up as they are just the best. If you haven’t tried these ones then definitely try them but swatch them before buying!!

NYX Butter Gloss 15 Angel Food Cake £5

The last one I go is another glossy one. This one is probably my least favourite in terms of the product itself. The colour is my favourite as it’s the type I would usually go for. However the application is hard as I always end up using my finger to smooth it over so that it’s even. 

I find that some parts are covered in the product more than others which makes the colour uneven. As you can see in the left photo my upper lip isn’t quite covered and that was with one swipe of the product. I may have to use a separate brush to see if that works instead of using the applicator provided. 

Have you tried any of the NYX products yet?


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