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Zoella Body Fondant £10

Hey guys it’s been a while since I have done a review on a beauty product so I thought I would sit down and type one out. As most of you will know Zoella recently released her Summer collection “Sweet Inspirations”. This is her third beauty collection following on from her classic & tutti fruity ones. I have managed to pick up two of her products from the latest collection however I am only going to be reviewing one today. I may review the other one at a later date. 

We all know that there was a delay in shipping at the beginning as Zoe mentioned it in her video. Hence why I have only just bought this the first thing that I picked up was the double créme body lotion which was priced at £5. A quick thought on the body lotion would be that it’s incredibly moisturing and smells amazing. 


I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say that the packaging for the Sweet Inspirations collection is their favourite. I just love the whole theme of pastel colours but also ones that capture your attention. The detail on each product still astounds me from the colour choice to the little details of the placement of the text. This particular product is very light considering what it actually is. 

I really like this as it makes it easy to transport with you if you want to take it on holiday. I did notice that a bit on the side of the packaging had a bit of discoloration I wasn’t sure whether this was from the product itself or the packing. However it wouldn’t make me take it back as it’s only a small issue. I’m pretty sure that other people had experienced it like myself. 


As I have said before the price of the products is so reasonable considering the quality of them. I have never had an issue with the pricing of the products as they have always been a price I am happy to pay. I think if each product was £10 then I would probably only pick one or two up. However seeing as the majority of them are under £10 I normally pick a few of Zoe’s products up at a time.


I have to say the product itself I was a little disappointed with let me tell you why. First of all when you are trying to use the sponge applicator to get the product onto it you really have to press hard for any product to transfer onto the sponge. Even then when you do you need to use at least two layers before you can see any sort of shine on your skin. 

I applied two swipes of the product on my hand and as you can see you can hardly see it. I don’t know if this was what it’s supposed to be like but I would have liked it to be a bit more visible. I think the sponge is really cute and I’m glad that there was a sponge to apply it with instead of using your fingers. But I can’t quiet wonder whether it’s actually better to use your fingers as you can really get the amount of product that you wish to have. 

I completely understand that the product is a balm and doesn’t have the consistency of a fake tan or moisturiser. I can’t help but think that it may have worked better if the consistency was different as it is quite hard to use. 

Overall thoughts

I really liked the product and will continue to use it as I am not the kind of person to stop using something after one go. But I am a little disappointed with the outcome of it after the hype surrounding it. I do wish that it was easier to use and that the consistency of the product was more of a liquid. I have found that with it being a balm you really have to work hard to get the right amount onto the sponge. 

If you are thinking of getting it I would search around for different reviews before buying it as it could easily be one of those items that sits on your shelf. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Zoe or her beauty range I just found that this particular product didn’t meet up to the standard that I was expecting. 

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