Videos | June Lovin Series Round Up | Week 3

June 21, 2016

Hey everyone in today’s blog post I am going to be rounding up week 3 of my June Lovin series. If you don’t already know then during this month I will be uploading a new video every other day. I decided to do a round up blog post at the end of each week instead of uploading single blog posts for each video. 

I’m a little bit late uploading this but I have been super busy this week. Yay I made it through another week and next week means that we’re almost at the finish line with this series. I still can’t quite believe I have made it this far considering how busy I actually am.

1. The first video of the week was my Summer day make-up routine. I decided to do a glowy look as everyone loves looking healthier and more glowing in the Summer. I haven’t done a make-up look in ages so I thought that I would do one for the Summer.

2. The second video is a Primark haul as I can never resist browsing in there. I usually go in for one thing and come out with ten. Some of the items I got this time I know will be staples in my wardrobe this Summer as they are just so lovely and can be styled many different ways. 

3. The third video I uploaded was my two year anniversary giveaway. I have been loving these past two years on YouTube and I thought I would give something back as you guys always give me something. Whether it’s by subscribing to me or leaving me a lovely comment. I really enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea and replying to them. 

4. The fourth video was a similar to the first one I uploaded however it was a night time make-up routine for the Summer. I really enjoyed filming both as they are a different type of video. However I completely forgot how long they take to film. I think I prefer my night time look to my day time although I do like them both haha.

5. The fifth video I uploaded last week was my lip collection. This took 10x longer to film than the actual length of the video. My lips were also red raw after and hurt a lot but I am so pleased with the outcome of the video so it was all worth it in the end. 

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