Blogging With A Full Time Job Is HARD!

July 4, 2016

Today marks the beginning of my fourth month at my job. As some of you will know I am a digital marketing apprentice which means I work full-time & go to class twice a week. People often say why do you go to class? Well the things I learn & the coursework I complete during it goes towards my qualification for my apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a qualification as well as a job so at the end of my thirteen months I will receive a certificate for it and hopefully be offered a permanent job where I work now. 

I have continued to blog/film videos since I have had this full-time job however I have struggled massively at times & lost my motivation at others. On the other hand I have found more inspiration than ever and written/filmed some of my best content over these past three months. 

I’m not going to pretend that it has been as simple as a b c because is has not in the slightest. I work long hours from 9-6 which I like as I get a lot done but it means that after work I’m often tired. I hardly blog after work during the evening as I find it hard to focus I would rather sit & watch a film. 

Dedicate a day to blogging/filming

I try to set a day aside a week (Usually Sunday’s) to focus on my blog/channel. I will then spend the day planning, writing blog posts or filming videos. I also spend the day relaxing by either reading a book, catching up on YouTube videos or watching films. Another thing I do on this day is stock up on photos (Well I try to anyways) I gather a few products that I want to take photos of and then have a big blog photo photo-shoot haha. 

Don’t feel pressured

At the end of the day blogging/Youtubing are a hobby for me at the moment. My job always comes first. So if I’m super busy with work and can’t get a blog post out or a video I tend not to panic. This is because I know I can just upload it tomorrow or in a few days time. Feeling pressured whilst blogging or filming videos is the worst thing that can happen as you can lose your spark. No one is going to shout at you if you don’t upload something on that day!!

Express how you feel

Talking about how hard you may be finding it is a good way to express your feelings like I am doing now. I am trying hard to get at least 2-3 blog posts & 1 video up a week but it is hard and I am proud of how much I have managed to create so far. I will continue to blog/make videos but also make it flexible with how busy I am at work. I never realised how much of my time would be taken up but now that I have my weekends free I can use one day to really focus on both platforms. 

Buy pretty things to motivate yourself

Okay so this one is within reason. If you see a pretty planner or checklist pad and you have enough money in your account pick it up! Not only do they help you to become motivated & organised but they also look great in blog photos. I recently went in to Liberty London where I stumbled upon their stationary department which was a-mazing. There were so many colourful notepads, memo pads, pens etc…I just loved it and I will definitely be going back there soon to pick up some things for myself. 

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