Glamping 2016 Part 1

Hey everyone if you follow me on social media then you will know I have been away for a week Glamping. I was going to blog a lot whilst I was there but then I thought no. No because I was a little stressed before I went away and I really needed time to really relax. I managed to get one blog post up and one video but after that I didn’t bother to. I spent most my time reading, sleeping, spending time with family and friends and generally chilling out.

This year was a bit different to last year as we all knew what it would be like so we all settled in immediately. We went to the exact same place last year in Welcombe, Bideford which is in Cornwall. If you haven’t heard of Glamping it’s basically a step up from camping. You get all the luxuries of living at home such as a bed, bathroom, kitchen, wifi etc….But you are still in the middle of nowhere camping as such. 

Like last year we stayed at Koa Tree Camp which has log cabins, bell tents & yurts. Last year we stayed in a bell tent which was quite cold and cramped at times. However this year we stayed in a yurt which was a lot of fun and had a lot more room as there were five of us staying in it. 

“A yurt is traditional Mongolian tent consisting of wooden walls, an insulating felt layer and a heavy waterproof canvas over the top.” It had a big double bed and four single beds inside as well as a log fire, electricity and various other homely touches like candles and rugs. On the outside it had a picnic bench and a bbq which we used a lot. The communal area had a large kitchen, lounge and several bathrooms which were all kept tidy. 

Like I already mentioned this year I had a different motive whilst I was there. Last year it was just to have fun and explore but this year was to relax and get back my energy that I had lost before I went away. Don’t get me wrong I had a lot of fun and explored a lot also. 

I wrote a post on my personal FB along side a beautiful picture of the sun setting “Sometimes you just have to get away from it all & do nothing. This week in Cornwall is just what I needed. Nights like these sitting on the deck, drinking tea, reading a book & looking at this amazing view are sometimes all you need to feel like you again…”. 

I agree with this 100% as you can often lose yourself if you are stressed out with work or life in general. I felt like before I went away I just wasn’t myself I was exhausted all the time and had no energy for anything.  Sometimes it’s a great idea just to go away for a day or go for a walk alone to clear your head. 

In this part I thought I’d just express how I felt whereas in part 2 I’m going to be sharing with you what we did when we were down there. I had so much fun this week and ate way to much which I don’t regret at all because I was on holiday. It was nice to spend time away with family and friends as we all got on really well. 

I definitely missed blogging & making videos but I felt like a break was needed as I had lost my motivation for them both. I can’t wait to really work hard on them both over the next few weeks and I have a lot of exciting things planned. Tea was my comfort on holiday and I drank a lot of it as it always makes me feel so calm.


Hat – H&M

Playsuit – Primark

Shoes – River Island

Bag – H&M

I did manage to get a video up whilst I was away. Although it is quite short I wanted to show you what it was like Glamping so I did a visual sort of video with hardly any talking. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.

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