Not Quite A School Girl

July 27, 2016

Hey guys I thought I would share with you an outfit that I wore the other day because it was really cute and comfy. My brother said to me “You look like a school girl in those dungarees”. I thought to myself hey I sort of do haha. I’m IN LOVE with my new shoes from Nike which I got for a bargain at one of their outlet stores they were only £31!!!

The thing I like about these dungarees is that you can dress them up or down depending on when you’re going to wear them. They also tighten up around your waist giving you that lovely hourglass figure. I think they are just really cute and I’m so glad that I got it. I made the outfit look casual by wearing trainers instead of sandals.  

You can easily style this outfit to suit you just by changing the colour of the top. I think that a tee-shirt or strappy top would work really well. I’m going to pair it with a white tee-shirt next time because I think that would work really well. However a bandeau top would also work well if it’s a hot day.

I kept my make-up minimal I only wore lip balm and mascara which you can’t see haha. But I would suggest going for a natural look. In terms of hair styles I left mine straight but I think a plait would look super cute and would complete the look. You could even wear a fedora hat as well!!

Top – Hollister (Similar)

Dungarees – Miss Guided

Shoes – Nike

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