8 Bloggers/YouTubers You Should Check Out | Part 2

August 21, 2016

This is my second post within this series where I introduce 8 new bloggers or YouTubers every other week to my readers. There is a twist though which is you will never know when you will be featured as each time the 8 people will be picked at random! If you like the idea of this and would love to be featured simply DM me on Twitter with your link to your blog or channel explaining you would like to be featured. 

8 Bloggers/YouTubers You Should Check Out Part 1

Mischevious Mal 

Mallory is a women of many talents having studied at the University of New York in Media Studies Mallory has many skills in digital marketing and creativity. The content of her blog covers anything from DIY’s to pop culture and anything in between. I think Mallory’s DIY’s are my favourite as they are so easy to follow. There’s nothing worse then finding a DIY project you like and not being able to understand the instructions!!

Mallory’s links:

Most recent blog post


Twitter – @mischievousmal

Ella Catherine

Ella first started her blog around 4 years a go which is a long time in the blogging world! The first thing I noticed when I clicked on Ella’s blog was her photography background which looks gorgeous. It’s like a wooden floor but complements her product & photography so well. If you love make up then definitely check out Ella’s blog as her posts are mainly beauty based. I love the mixture of high-end and high-street make up it makes it easy to relate for everyone. 

Ella’s links:

Most recent blog post


Twitter – @ellacatherine95

Chanels Beauty Bible

As soon as you land on Chanels’s blog you see colour everywhere from her amazing make up to her reviews. As you may have guessed from the name of her blog Chanel’s blog is about beauty as well as hair and fashion. The OOTD posts are my favourite as I’m really in to fashion at the moment. Chanel has a great fashion sense and some of the outfits she wears I could see myself wearing also.

Chanel’s links:

Most recent blog post


Twitter – @CBeautyBible

E Is For Emma

Emma is a fellow Harry Potter fan who writes about lifestyle & theater on her blog. When Emma is not writing up posts for her blog or visiting the theater you can find her doing her day job in arts marketing. I think I can relate to Emma’s food and travel blog posts the most as I love the both. Travelling is in my blood and Emma has already visited some of the places I’d love to visit myself.

Emma’s links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter – @_EisforEmma


Jodie writes about many things including beauty, life, fashion, books and subscription boxes. Jodie’s subscription box posts are my favourite. I have seen many bloggers get subscription boxes every so often but Jodie gets one every single month. It’s always nice to see what’s inside of a subscription box before you buy it as you can really decide if you want to get it or not. Not only does Jodie explain what is in each box she also includes a mini review as well which is even better.

Jodie’s links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter – @Jodetopia

Although a little confusing to navigate at first Madison’s blog is a little different to everyone else. Blogging Monday-Thursday she uploads a different themed post every day. For example on Monday’s it’s candid moment day whereas on Wednesdays it’s a weekly blog. I really like this idea as it sounds like it would be a lot easier to organise when it came to blogging. Madison’s dream job is to be an author. Blogging is a great start on her journey to achieving this.

Madison’s links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter – @madisongale05

I love the clean cut look of Lauren’s blog it’s very similar to my own. There is one thing I would suggest to Lauren and that is having an about us page. Lauren talks about many different things from culture to beauty. I really like the way her photography is taken as they’re sometimes similar but different. I really enjoyed reading her review on Zoella’s Sweet Inspirations collection especially. 

Lauren’s links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter – @loulabxlle

Yours Chloe

I have known Chloe for a while now as I was invited to one of her meet ups that she hosted a while back. I can still remember the day like it was yesterday we all had so much fun. Chloe has always taken pride in her blog and I can remember from the first time I discovered it her photography was always and still is of a high quality. If you’re looking for a blog with detail then Chloe’s is the one to read as her posts are always so detailed. 

Chloe’s links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter – @Chloe_Bellamy

Thank you to all the lovely bloggers/youtubers who wanted to take part in this series. I really enjoyed writing it up and I can’t wait to see who else I write about. I’m all about giving back to the blogging/YouTube community as it’s such a big part of my life now.

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