Bank Holidays Are For Pancakes

August 29, 2016

Hey guys today is Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK. If you don’t know what that is it’s when we have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off from work. We have these a few times a year and anyone who works a 9-5 job Monday-Friday appreciates these greatly. I thought that I would share with you how I make my pancakes as it’s usually what I would eat on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday. 

You will need:

2 Eggs *you may need more if you’re making more

Any milk

1 Cup any size *depending on how many pancakes you want to make

Lemon juice & sugar *or any topping you want

Plain flour

Baking powder

Step 1: Gather all of the ingredients that you will need

Step 2: First of all take the cup and fill it up with flour

Step 3: Use the same cup and fill it up with milk

Step 4: Add the eggs

Step 5: Add a tablespoon of baking powder (This makes the pancakes all fluffy and light)

Step 6: Mix all the ingredients together you can use a wisk, fork or like me cheat and use an electric wisk. 

Step 7: Mix it until the mixture has no more lumps and is consistant

Step 8: Pour the finished mix in to a resealable container (You can use it the next day if you keep it in the fridge)

Step 9: Pour some oil in to the pan (Not loads though) and wait for the pan to get hot

Step 10: Pour the mixture in to the pan however much is up to you

Step 11: Wait until small holes appear before you flip the pancake

Step 12: When it’s crispy and golden you can put it on your plate and add the toppings that you want

I enjoy making pancakes as they’re so diverse you can make them sweet or savory. They can be topped with lemon and sugar, Nutella, berries, yogurt, vedgetables, cheese or meat. The start to finish process of making pancakes is so easy that even my younger brother is a pro at making them. I hope you enjoyed me talking through with you how to make these simple but easy pancakes.

What’s your pancake topping of choice?

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