Why I Appreciate Bank Holidays So Much More Now

August 27, 2016

Hey guys as you can probably tell I have been super busy these past few months trying to juggle my full time job, blogging and filming videos. Now when a bank holiday comes around it’s basically like Christmas for me. When you first start a full time job 9-6 Monday-Friday it is really tough on you and you’re always tired. 

If you aren’t from the UK and you don’t know what a bank holiday is it’s when you get Saturday, Sunday and Monday off from work. It’s the best. It’s come at the right time for me as I really needed this to sort a lot of things out. I have lots of planning to do for my online clothing store as well as plan blog posts and videos.

It’s so important for you to look after yourself both mentally and physically. You can have everything you want and still not feel like yourself. I’m so comfortable with everything at the moment my job, my blog, my channel etc..but you can still not feel like you. I have been so busy recently I haven’t had any time to do anything. I have many posts planned for my blog so keep an eye out as I’m really loving blogging at the moment. 

Things I need to do this weekend:

– Music

– Passwords

– Tidy my room

– Coursework

– Go to the post office

– Plan videos

– Write up blog posts

– Clean my bathroom

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