I’m Doing Blogtober 2016!

Hey guys so I’ve decided to do Blogtober this year. This means that there will be a new blog post every day for the whole month of October. I’m so excited to do this as I have never done this on my blog. I have tried uploading a video on my channel every other day for a month which was hard so this will be a big challenge for me. 

I have so many ideas for this and I cannot wait to see what you guys think of it. As I’m sitting here typing this out tons of topics that I could write about are running through my mind. I’m also watching Wild Child which is a great movie I loved it when I was growing up and I haven’t watched it in ages. 

What you can expect to see from the next month on my blog. Plenty of reviews, wishlists and Autumn/Fall related blog posts as well as a hint of Christmas. I’m also thinking about doing Vlogmas but the only problem is I work Monday-Friday so I’m not sure how exciting it would be. 


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