Monday Thoughts 19th September 2016

September 19, 2016

Monday’s are usually a funny day for me I can either have a really good day or one I never want to have again. As I’m sitting here in Starbucks drinking my chocolate frappe whilst watching the world go by I can’t help but think what if? What if I never started this blog? What if I never started my channel? What if I went to university? What if….

I decided to take a short break from anything blog/YouTube related over the past few days. One being because I needed a break from it as it’s so easily to get caught up in it all. However the main reason was because I was going away for the weekend to see my childhood best friend. 

It was a weekend full of chatter, laughter, films, reminiscing and relaxation. We went to see the new Bridget Jones movie which was amazing and I cried of course although not because it was sad but because of how far Bridget has come. If you haven’t already seen it then I highly recommend it as it’s hilarious. 

Sometimes you need to take a step back from things to appreciate what you have and what you don’t have. I absolutely love writing blog posts and filming videos but sometimes it just gets all too much. Trying to balance everything is almost impossible and I often fail and that’s okay. Because balancing things is an art that not many people can perfect. 

This morning I treated myself to some of the new Zoella lifestyle products which I will be reviewing on my blog sometime later on this week. I picked up her journal which I want to use as a diary. I have never written a diary before well not that I can remember anyways but I thought it would be amazing to look back on to see how each day went. 

I think I may try and write something like this every Monday just to put down what I’m thinking on paper well in this case on the internet. I couldn’t find an appropriate quote to put in this post but I will try and find ones that tie in with the thoughts I’m having on that day. 

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