Review | Farm Girl Cafe Portobello, Notting Hill Gate London

September 25, 2016

This morning I went for breakfast with one of my best friends. We had decided to go to the Farm Girl Cafe in Portobello, Notting Hill Gate which is in West London. It’s one of those cafe’s you see all over Instagram I can’t quite remember how we stumbled upon it but the food looked so good so it was put on our restaurant list. 

Another one of our friends was supposed to come with us as we all normally meet up every other month for a meal to catch up. As my friends both go to university and I work full time we don’t get much time to see each other anymore. We normally plan to meet up once every other month and go to a nice restaurant where we eat loads and catch up on everything. 

Farm Girl Cafe is a “holistic and healthy” cafe that has become rather popular as we had to que up to get a table. Luckily as there was only two of us there was a table free which meant that we didn’t have to wait that long. You probably wouldn’t even notice that the cafe was there as it’s tucked away. It has a courtyard where there are a few tables and then an inside where there is a seating area, kitchen & toilets. 

My friend and I both got this sense of excitement when we were shown our table. I’m not sure whether it was because we were in a place that was seen as hipster and cool or because we were hungry and needed food. The food looked amazing on Instagram photos but did it taste as good as it looked?? 

To start with we ordered drinks I opted for a very average English breakfast tea whilst my friend chose a rose latte. I was very impressed with the big mug as you guys know I prefer a big cup of tea to an average sized one. The presentation of the rose latte was incredible and something I wish that I could do. 

For food we ordered a main dish each and then shared one. I got the toast which was brown sourdough with almond butter & strawberry jam”. Whereas my friend got the Avocado Toast with “lemon juice, fresh coriander & a side of strawberries and a poached egg”. We then shared the Berry Pancakes which was made of “benoit’s homemade buckwheat mix, with amber maple syrup fresh berries & coconut shavings”. 

Lets talk about the toast first it was so light and fluffy. Sourdough is one of my favourite breads although I never have it at home. It’s a luxury bread in my opinion and one day I would love to learn how to make it myself. I’m not a fan of any nutty butter especially peanut butter so I wasn’t sure I would like almond butter. However I loved it as it was sweet but not too much and the strawberry jam was delicious. You can never go wrong with jam on toast. 

The second thing I ate was the pancakes which looked amazing and tasted just as good as they looked. If anyone wanted to make healthy pancakes then these would be the ones to make. They were so light and fluffy and you didn’t feel bad when you ate them as they felt healthy rather than bad. 

The coconut shavings were a yummy touch although after a while they were quite sickly. Both of us loved the blueberries as they are so good for you. The amount of maple syrup was just enough as the blueberries and coconut added to the sweetness of the dish. 

All of the dishes we got had amazing presentation and the crockery used was to die for. I can just see myself filling up my kitchen with pieces like they had. Although the portions weren’t massive we both went away feeling stuffed and had ordered just the right amount of food. 

Overall I would recommend going to the Farm Girl Cafe as we had a lot of fun. It was something different and it’s nice coming away from a restaurant feeling like you ate something healthy. The prices of the dishes were pretty reasonable considering how popular it was. The interior decor was lovely as it almost felt like you were in someone’s kitchen. 

We are going to try and go back with our other friend as we know she would have liked it as well. Next time I’d like to try the avocado on toast with a poached egg as it looked really yummy. The acai bowls looked delicious as well and I’d be up for trying one as I have never had one before. 

Have you been to the Farm Girl Cafe? What Did You Think?

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