#Blogtober Spending Ban 2016


Hey guys it’s official I am going on a “Spending Ban”. I think I have a shopping addiction and it’s not good. I always justify why I bought something which makes it 10x worse haha. So I’m going on a spending ban until December! Yes December.

I haven’t got much going on except from going to Luxembourg and Paris where I will need Euros. I have allowed myself to buy things there for souvenirs etc…But anything else I want to buy when I’m at home like make-up products for example are banned. 

Also at the moment I am in the process of buying Christmas presents. These are an exception because I need to get them whereas the other things are things I want. Other exceptions are things like food and essential things like toothpaste etc…

Banned items:




Unnecessary stationary


Meals out (except dates)


Euro’s I got for Luxembourg & Paris

Christmas presents


Shampoo, toothpaste etc…(essentials)

Dates (Not the food…actual dates)

Cosmopolitan magazine because it’s only £1


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