#Blogmas 2016 Day3 | How I Use Up Bath & Body Products

December 3, 2016

Hey guys seeing as Christmas is only 23 days away I thought that I would put up a blog post which is going to help a lot of you out. I always get tons of bath/body products for Christmas and then try and spend the next year using them all up but fail miserably. Then the next Christmas comes around and I still have products from three years ago that I haven’t used up. So here’s how I tackle this issue:


How are you supposed to use them all up if you keep on buying new products? I always start this process by telling myself that I’m not allowed to buy anything new. However, there is one rule I tell myself if I have used up essentials such as my shampoo or toothpaste for example then I am allowed to buy a new one. 

Step 2: Get out all of your bath/body products

The best thing to do is to get them all out so you can see how much you actually have. This is usually the moment I say to myself “Wow I’m actually a bath & body product hoarder” or “That’s where that is I’ve been meaning to try that out”. Search high and low for all of the products as I often have some of them in boxes tucked away. 

Step 3: Separate them in to categories

Once I have got all of my products out I will then separate them into three categories which are:

Never been opened – This category I usually put back in to a separate draw or box as you don’t want to open them up or you’ll have more products to use up at one time.

Half full – Keep this category close by maybe in a basket by your bath or shower. As once you have used up a product you can pick one from here to use up next.

Almost empty – This is the category you want to be using first. So keep these products in your shower or by your bath. Go through and use the ones with the least amount of product left first. 

Step 4: Use up the products

This is pretty self explanatory now all I do is make sure to use up the products from the almost empty category. Once that category is almost empty I move on to the half full before opening any products that haven’t been opened yet.

Step 5: Make room for your new Christmas bath & body presents

I usually get one or two bath & body products for Christmas which usually last me ages. I have to make room for them so I usually put them in to a box which would be my “never been opened box” and then the process starts again. 

I thought that this may help some of you as you may like me struggle to use your products up. This is just a simple routine I now do in order to make sure that I actually use products up and that they don’t sit on my shelf for years.

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