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So yes let’s state the obvious I failed to blog every day during December. But I will have managed to get up 15 blog posts by the end of tomorrow. So I would have only missed 10 blog posts all together. I have just been too busy with work and other stuff so it was quite a struggle to get a blog post up some days. 

I am also sick I have a cold which sucks and that has meant that this previous week I really haven’t felt like sitting at a computer and typing up a blog post. I really need to kick this cold over the next week that I have off. 

Okay back to today’s blog post if you are a new reader then this time last year I was actually in New York City. I went on a cruise for 7 days from Southampton, England to New York City and then I spent 4 days in the city.

I got to do so much on that holiday like go ice skating in Central Park and go shopping down 5th Avenue. It was such a great holiday as I made some amazing friends who I have already seen since that holiday. 

It’s so crazy how time goes so fast it literally feels like I just left New York City yesterday. What’s ironic is that last year on Christmas Day I was sick and spent the whole day in bed and this year I am also sick! Although I don’t think I’ll be spending it in bed but I will need lots of tissues and lemsips. 

I would love to revisit New York City at Christmas again but when it’s snowing as that’s so much more exciting. Tomorrow is going to be lovely as it’s going to be full of food, family and films which I am really looking forward to.

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