How I Told Family & Friends That I Blogged

February 20, 2017

Hey guys I thought that today I would do something different and tell you all how I told my family and friends that I had a blog. In 2017 I really want my blog to be a bit more raw which is why I wrote the blog post “What Blogging Means To Me”

Blogging is a huge part of my life I still remember sitting down on the 24th October 2013 as  a 17 year old girl wondering what to write for my first blog post. I always knew that I wanted to keep it a secret to begin with. At this point in the whole blogging world it was still quite an unusual thing to do compared to now where so many people do it. 

I wanted to keep it to myself as I was still in school/college at this time so I didn’t want to tell people. My anxiety played a huge part in this as I always thought “What would people think if they found out. Would it be spread around the whole school?”. 

I didn’t tell anyone for a good year and a bit unless you read my blog or watched my videos you would never have known what I was doing in my spare time. I then thought to myself I can’t keep this to myself for however long it’s going to last. By telling my friends and family I could gain so many more views & support. 

I started telling people one by one and I think one of my first people that I told was one of my closest friends at that time. She was so supportive of it and was a person who watched YouTubers as well so she understood. 

As time moved on I told more friends but still no family. I found it easier to tell friends rather than family as I thought in my head that my family would judge me more. I remember sitting down to tell my mum and I was so nervous inside. When I told her she was so surprised that I had actually kept it a secret and didn’t understand why I did as I always told her anything.

I then took the big plunge and posted about my blog on Facebook which was a HUGE thing for me. I remember writing it out and then deleting it all to then write it out again. Everyone knows that when you post something on Facebook it all gets a little too real.

The response that I got from it was amazing and I knew then that I could have told people earlier as it wasn’t as bad as I thought that it was going to be. Everyone was so supportive and proud of what I had done as it’s a little different to your usual hobby. 

I now use my personal Facebook at various times to share blog posts or videos that I really love. However, I still don’t post much about my blog or channel on there as I genuinely don’t use Facebook that much anymore I only use it for work. 

I am so different now to how I was back in 2013 I tell everyone about it. Whenever I meet new people or go on dates it’s always a topic I like to talk about. I use it a lot when I go for job interviews as I find that it’s a great topic to talk about in terms of time management etc…

If you are planning on telling your family or friends about your blog I hope that this blog post helped you a little bit even if it does seem a bit jumbled and all over the place. I have left a few tips down below for you to use if you are considering doing this.

My top tips for telling friends & family:

1. Wait until you feel most comfortable 

2. Tell the people you feel it will be easiest to tell first

3. Spend as much time as you want planning on what to say

4. You won’t regret it as everyone is always so supportive

Last of all if you are planning on doing this then don’t worry because nothing is as bad as it seems. Your family & friends will always be supportive of you and proud because doing what we do is hard. To people who don’t do what we do it may seem a little weird but as you explain what it is you actually do and why you do it I always find they begin to understand more. 

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