My Mediterranean Holiday 2017 | Day 3: Getting On The Norwegian Epic

Hey guys today’s blog post is my third blog post on my recent holiday which is going down so well with you guys. On this day we spent half of the day in Barcelona and then we headed to the ship which was super exciting. We actually got on the ship on my birthday which made it even more exciting than it already was. 

Before we got onto the ship we had the morning to explore Barcelona some more. We decided just to stay local to our hotel. As it was a Sunday there was something going on like a local holiday. We all stood on our balcony and watched this big parade go by which was really interesting to see. 

At around 2pm we headed to the ship where we had to go through the port security before actually getting on the ship. Going through security in a cruise ship port is so easy and I really like it as it doesn’t make me anxious at all. Going through airport security is a different story I always feel a little apprehensive when I go through them. 

Once we made it safely onboard we headed to our room to drop our bags off. We then went to look for food because we were hungry by that time and there’s always food available when you get on board. It’s usually only the buffet section that is open but there’s always so much to offer so that’s good enough for me. 

The food is probably one of the best parts of the ship there’s always tons to eat. Whatever time you are hungry you can always get food even if it’s ordering from the complimentary room service. There is over 15 restaurants onboard (No I’m not joking!) so you can basically eat from around the world on your trip.


– Taste Restaurant (Main Dining Room)

– The Manhattan Room Restaurant (Main Dining Room)

– Le Bistro (French)

– Pizza 24/7 (Italian)

– La Cucina (Italian)

– Shanghai’s Chinese Restaurant

– Noodle Bar (Chinese)

– Teppanyaki (Japanese)

– Cagney’s Steakhouse (Seafood, Steak House)

– Wasabi Sushi Bar

– Complimentary 24 Hour Room Service

– O’Sheehan’s Bar & Grill

– Spice H2O Bar & Grill

– Garden Cafe (Self Service)

A lot of them are free however, some are speciality restaurants and my charge $25 per person. We went to Le Bistro which was really good I would recommend it as the food was delicious. That was a specialty restaurant but we were really happy with it and glad that we chose it. 

After food we went by the pool and relaxed for a bit before the sailing away party. The sailing away party is basically when all the entertainment staff get you ready to leave the port. They put on all of the latest tunes and get everyone to dance. It’s great fun as everyone is in a really good mood because it’s the start of their holiday.

We then went back to the room to get ready for dinner which we were all excited for as it was our first night onboard. We actually had a bit of a hectic first day as our room got flooded so we were moved to another cabin. The other cabin was the same as ours but just a bit further down the ship. We ended up staying there just for the night while they dried out our room.

For dinner we went to one of the main restaurants called “The Manhatten Room”. This restaurant was located at the back of the boat which meant that it was a huge dining room. What is nice about this restaurant is that on certain evenings the band plays while you are eating. 

We all had a really nice meal and chose pretty standard meals. As it was my birthday the restaurant gave me a cake which was really nice. The waiters all came around and sang to me which I always find so embarrassing. After dinner we wondered around for a bit to see what entertainment was on. We were all so tired so we just went back to our cabin and had an early night. 


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