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November 12, 2017

I have always enjoyed going out for breakfast especially on a Sunday. However, recently I have been so busy so I haven’t had a chance to. It’s always nice going out to breakfast or brunch with friends or family but there’s something so peaceful about going by yourself. Today I decided to go out to breakfast by myself after I had finished I decided that I wanted to write up this blog post straight away.

I wanted to do something different as eating out in public can be challenging for me sometimes but also I wanted to get some blog/YouTube work done away from home where I spend 90% of the time I’m not at work. My choice of breakfast place today was one of Grind’s branches. Last time it was Holborn and this time it was Covent Garden which is all decked out for Christmas if I may add. 

It feels like only yesterday I went to the Holborn branch when in fact I went in February of this year. I also wrote a review of Holborn Grind as each one is a little different to the other although they still share a lot of similarities. I turned up today without even thinking about booking a place which could have been a disaster if I was with someone else. However, as I was by myself the lovely staff managed to fit me in by placing me at the bar. Unlike Holborn Grind which is just “an espresso bar & cocktail bar” Covent Garden Grind “is a coffee bar, cocktail and restaurant on Maiden Lane, Covent Garden”. 

Let’s talk about the exterior and interior, first of all, the exterior is absolutely gorgeous and any building lover will probably agree with me. The contrast of the brick and the painted window frames which are black just go together so well. The inside is crisp and clean with aspects of a retro feel. I love the marble countertops which match well with the brick walls which have been painted white. The lights and liquor shelves add that retro feel to an otherwise modern place. The Covent Garden one is slightly bigger although it’s still quite small and quickly filled up by the time my food had arrived. 

This time I didn’t go to do some work as it was all pre-booked so there was no space. I had really been craving eggs over the past few days so avocado on toast with poached egg was definitely going to be my breakfast of choice. It’s probably the most basic blogger breakfast, right? My pot of English breakfast tea was £2.75 and my breakfast was £8.00 bringing my breakfast to a total of £10.75 which isn’t bad at all in my opinion. 

The tea was good which is always good as I drink a lot of tea so I can tell a good one from a bad one. The avocado was nice and creamy and the poached egg was runny inside which are signs of a good poached egg. The only thing I would say is the lack of bread it would have been nice to have 2 pieces so that you can have one egg per piece of bread. I found that I had a lot of avocado and egg left over once I had eaten the bread. 

As I was on my own I just watched some YouTube while I ate my breakfast which I felt quite comfortable doing. The staff were really friendly and the service was great as it only took around 10 minutes for my food to arrive once I had ordered. It’s the sort of place where it’s great to catch up with friends or go out for brunch with a loved one. 

If you are looking for somewhere to work they also have plugs and wifi which is always good especially if you’re a blogger or YouTuber. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post I think the prices of the food and drinks are really reasonable especially for a chain. I think my aim in 2018 is to visit the rest of the Grind branches. 

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  1. Hanna Mai says:

    Going out for breakfast is something I have never done before but would love to do and this has really made me want to soon haha. Great post, as always x

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