My Blog & YouTube Plans In 2018

Hey guys seeing as we’re only 2 days away from 2018 I thought that I would sit down and list out some things that I would like to accomplish in 2018 for my blog and YouTube channel. I always love reading these as it’s great to see the different goals that people set themselves. I already have a lot planned for next year for my blog and channel which I’m sure you guys will love as much as I already do. 

– Upload a blog post 3 times a week 

– Try vlogging every day for a week

– Include more fashion into my blog & channel 

– Upload a video at least once a week 

– Try vlogging every day for a month

– Do more first impressions videos 

– Review more products and things on my blog 

– Up my Instagram game

– Continue to talk more openly on my blog & channel

– Test out a new style of YouTube videos 

– Do a first impressions week on my YouTube 

– Pre-write more of my blog posts


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