*Be Proud Of Who You Are.

January 16, 2018

Growing up I was always a friendly person I would talk to everyone and anyone so making friends was easy. However, as I grew older I found that things became more difficult. I started to have panic attacks which were related to a number of things. I also started to have social anxiety which are both things I still battle with on a daily basis. 

In this blog post, I wanted to speak about being proud of yourself.  You can be proud of yourself for many reasons. Maybe you didn’t eat chocolate today or maybe you managed to get on a packed train without feeling panicky. When I first started my blog back in 2014 I would never have had the confidence to wear lingerie on my blog so confidently. Fast forward to 2018 and here I am uploading a blog post wearing lingerie feeling proud of the photos I have taken. 

I feel like over the past four years which were some of the hardest years of my life my blog and YouTube channel have kept me grounded. When I look back on who I used to be I remember feeling angry inside and with this anger, I would pick on small things that my friends would do which would create unnecessary arguments. Without out those arguments, I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

I am proud of who I am and what I have achieved. There are so many things that I have done in my life that make me proud. I always say that if you feel as if you have not done enough then always look at what you have achieved because when you look back on things from a different perspective you have done a great deal. 

You should be proud of who you are because everyone is facing a battle that no one knows about. It could be the smallest thing in the world such as trying a food you hate or flying on an airplane. But these things can be huge things to others and when we achieve these things they are proud moments. 

In 2018 my aim is to do more things that I can look back on in 2019 and be proud of. Whether it’s uploading a blog post every day for a month or driving every day for a week these things mean a huge deal to me and to achieve these would make me proud of myself. 

I am a big believer in working on bettering yourself. I always try to be a version of me whether it’s reading more or taking time to focus on myself mentally or physically. If you could do one thing in 2018 it should be listing down a number of things you are proud of yourself for. 

P.s this blog post may seem all over the place and it probably is but I just wanted to write down a few thoughts I’ve been having recently. Maybe they’ll help you out as well as January is always a good time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new one. 

*I was kindly gifted this dress by NA-KD*

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